7 Marketing Tactics That Won’t Break the Bank

7 Marketing Tactics That Won't Break the Bank

7 Marketing Tactics That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing is more than just advertising, sales, and promotions. It’s learning how to become well known in the industry, gaining a strong client base, and discovering different ways to share information that reaches your target market. As a business owner, you may not have extra money in your marketing budget, which is understandable. Tomo360 has developed a list of 7 important (and almost free) marketing tactics that you should be taking advantage of to help your business get on the right track!

  1. Social Media

Social media can be the most effective, and least expensive, marketing strategy out there if used correctly. It’s important to decide on which platforms fit your business and to develop content that meets the needs of your customers. Social media lets you represent your business the way you want, and you can interact with your fans directly. This gives you the upper hand as a business owner, provides a sense of security and familiarity with customers. If you’re currently using social media and not seeing much traffic, you may need to realign your strategies or consider a few paid campaigns to get the ball rolling. We can also help you! Read more about Social Media Marketing services.

  1. Networking 

Networking does not have to be formal, and it can simply be just having a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop. By meeting new people, exchanging ideas and conversing about business in general, you’re expanding your network, which ultimately helps your business in the long run. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best tactics in marketing, although it’s not used as often as it should be. We recommend meeting new people, everywhere you go.

It’s important to be authentic, generous, and helpful when you come across anyone new – they may be the piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for!

  1. Content Creation/Blogs

Creating new content or blogs that relate to your business or industry helps drive traffic, increase SEO, and increases customer interaction. Blogs can provide information about products, FAQs, company events, or even relate to something in the industry. By having fresh content, customers will have the business consistently in their mind, which ultimately helps enhance your brand. Creating content for blogs can be done by someone in-house, making it an inexpensive way to promote exciting news and information. We can also create regular blogs and emails, or create more lasting pieces like brochures for you! Learn more about our Content Creation and Email Services.

  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to promote industry-related news and upcoming promotions for your audience. Although email marketing is a paid service, it’s usually inexpensive with a high return (ROI). The cost to send an email is 3 cents and the cost of direct mail is at least 50 cents each. There are services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp that help make your email marketing campaign easy to manage. You are able to target the people you want, direct people to your website, and even share your email on social media. If you’re looking for more tips, click here. We can also help you get an email marketing established! Ask us about starting a free trial on Constant Contact today.

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  1. Public Speaking

If you’re given the opportunity to speak anywhere, such as a school, conference, or at a workshop, take it. Not only does public speaking help give you confidence as a person, but it also reaches potential new clients. Remember when speaking publicly, regardless of how new you are – you’re an expert on the people you’re talking to. It’s important to present yourself in that manner. Use the opportunity to create a brand identity for your business, and take into consideration the questions asked by the audience to help better reach your market.

  1. Responsive Website

    Prendio's mobile responsive website

Websites are a crucial part of business today. Consumers today spend the majority of their time researching companies and planning their purchases online before actually buying items.

By having a mobile responsive website, you will be visible to your customers and help answer a lot of questions they may have.

The price of the website depends on the designer and template, the host, the domain name, and the overall functionality.

As technology advances, if businesses do not have a website that is easy to navigate or mobile responsive, the customer will go to the competition. Click here for more website tips. Over 150+ companies have trusted Tomo360 to design their new website. Read about our web design process here.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a hot topic for business owners. SEO is based on strategies that utilize relevant keywords, that help your website/business rank better in search engines. Keywords can be added to websites, social media, videos, and written content for the search engines to find. We recommend updating your content regularly, using Google Analytics, and becoming familiar with current trends in your industry. SEO can be outsourced if you have the funds, but if not, it can be maintained in-house at a relatively inexpensive price, as long as the research is done. We can also help you improve your SEO! We’ve moved companies to the first page of search results with our method.

Whether you have a large marketing budget or barely any funds, you should utilize these 7 inexpensive tactics to boost your marketing strategy! If you have questions or need assistance, the Tomo360 team is here to help.

Spend your hard-earned marketing dollars wisely and increase your Return on Investment. We have several low-engagement projects that could help you level-up your marketing now! It’s easy to schedule a consultation with us. Begin right now by filling out this form and we will contact you! 

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