Which Social Media Platform Is Right for You?

Which social media platform is your business on? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? Snapchat? Pinterest? YouTube? Flickr? Vimeo? In this blog, we run through some of the most popular social media platforms and identify the best business user for each. Facebook Facebook is the biggest social network on the web, both in terms of name recognition […]

Free is for Me: Free Marketing Resources for the Entrepreneur

Marketing requires a variety of skills from an understanding of graphic designs, image manipulation, content writing website creation, project management to customer relationship management (CRM). To run a successful marketing program, you either have to master all of the above and more, or you need to have high-quality tools to help you succeed at all of […]

Twitter 101: Who Should I Follow?

All Twitter users find themselves asking the question “Who should I follow?” at one point or another. Considering there are 319 million active users on Twitter, it’s a very reasonable question. Deciding who to follow can be quite an intimidating task. Whether you’re setting up the platform for the first time, rebranding your business, or […]

Social Media Made Simple Workshop at CWE New Hampshire

Whether you are starting a new company or working on your existing business, social media marketing can make a huge impact on your success without breaking the bank.  Unfortunately, social media is daunting to many business owners due to lack of time or resources, and they often treat this as a last resort.  Lucky for […]

CWE Advanced Marketing Techniques

Advance Marketing Technique Workshop Wednesday, May 25, 2016 8:00 – 10:00 am Whether you are starting a new company or working on your existing business, digital marketing such as website, social media and search engine optimization can make a huge impact on your success without breaking the bank. This workshop will help you find out […]

Spring Cleaning: Twitter Account

Now that we’ve been hit with 70 degree weather, you may feel motivated to begin your annual Spring Cleaning! While you’re doing the typical de-cluttering of your home, why not spend a little time cleaning up your social media accounts? Twitter, more specifically, is a platform where you impulsively follow hundreds of random accounts, have […]

Paid Social Advertising: Is It Worth It?

With the end of summer quickly and sadly approaching soon, it’s time to shift back into business mode and rethink your marketing strategy. If your business has been struggling with advertising, gaining new customers, or if you’re in the mood to completely change things up, paid advertising might be the missing piece to the puzzle. […]

Which Social Media Platform Is The One For Your Business?

As you know, social media has become a key factor in the advertising and marketing world. When it comes to using social media, selecting the right platforms for your business is crucial. There are many available platforms to choose from, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, to name a couple. Businesses should be knowledgeable […]

Tomo360 Social Media Workshop

Part 3, Tuesday, July 21: SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP Still finding yourself posting your pet's pictures or your favorite recipes on your Facebook business page or Pinterest?  I'm sure these are great shots, but are they helping your business?   If you are not capitalizing on social media for your business, you are missing the boat. [...]

Social Media Intensive Workshop

On June 24 and July 1, Tomo360 will be presenting at the Center of Women and Enterprise, Nashua, New Hampshire on a 2-week Social Media Intensive Workshop. Do you need to strengthen your market reach and increase customer engagement? Are you looking to social media to generate more revenue? This 2-week intensive course will help [...]

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