Why Creating a Personal Brand Is So Important for Business

Why Creating a Personal Brand Is So Important for Business

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We live in a me-centric world, where your style, appearance, and the value you offer on social sites and digital platforms create a lucrative business. In an age of storytelling marketing, it’s no longer about the product or service you sell; it’s about the story, the personality, and the culture surrounding the sale.

The onset of digital marketing, especially social media, is why establishing your personal brand is so important today for a successful business. Of course, it’s not always easy to reflect on ourselves and identify what our personal branding should consist of, or even where to start. Did you know that some of the most influential leaders of our time like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, and Tony Robbins, spent years working on their own, unique brand? They took this time to figure out what their “hook” would be, and surely, if you manage to strike a chord, the sky is truly the limit.

The good news is: a personal brand is for everyone! No matter the characteristics or skills you hold, whether you’re introverted, extroverted, artistic, good looking, or intelligent, there is something specific that you can offer, and with billions of people sifting around the Internet provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills.

First, let’s look at a few tips for creating your personal brand, followed by why having a personal brand is essential for your business.

Why Creating a Personal Brand Is So Important for Business

1. Focus Your Intent:
It’s impossible to be liked by everyone. No matter what you do, there will always be naysayers. Instead of focusing on how to win over this minority, you should focus on how to draw in your ideal follower even closer, or reach your target market quicker. This is why niche marketing is attracting so much attention today; there are billions of people online, which means even if your niche captures just 1% of those people, you’re in business.

2. Be Authentic:
People can see right through the act, especially in a world where you’re expected to generate content multiple times per day. If you try to be something you’re not, people will be able to tell. Remember: the competition is stiff today, which is why you need to have your own natural, genuine personality and roll with it. It will get too tiring putting on an act.

3. Tell Your Story:
If your personal brand doesn’t play into storytelling marketing today, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. Create a story around your brand that your audience can engage with; one that sheds light on your background, your everyday creative process, or your hopes for the future. Meeting and chatting with your followers about this story will make it easier for them to follow along.

4. Consistency:
Lastly, be consistent. There is nothing people dislike more today than an account that typically talks about entrepreneurialism and then shifts to posting unrelated political memes. This strategy totally breaks character and upends the brand you’ve worked so hard to create. Humans don’t like to be surprised; We like predictability in our schedules and in whom we follow online Be consistent with your content, as well as how frequently you post.

You might notice by now that making a personal brand does require a few attempts. You might (will) fail at first, but you have to be willing to pick yourself back up. Why? Because a personal brand is essential for business and personal success today. Here’s why:

Why Personal Branding is Good for Business

1. Trust:
In one study, it states that more than 84% of Internet users trust online reviews from genuine personalities today. When someone successfully curates an online personality that is genuine, authentic, and informative, followers will come to trust you and your expertise. If you offer them something, on a consistent basis, free of charge, such as advice or suggestions, they will come to see you as a personal friend or resource. These reviews build trust, and in turn, people will be more likely to invest in your business or products.

2. Credibility:
In order to have a successful personal brand, you need to create content that people can relate to. This can be GIFs, blogs, newsletters, infographics, live videos, etc. As you create more of this content, you will also be furthering your credibility on a certain topic or niche. This will enhance your expertise, and therefore create an image of you as an expert on your business or industry.

3. Confidence in Business:
As you push yourself to generate more of this value-added content and sharing it with your followers regularly, it will enhance your personal confidence in both your business and your brand. This kind of confidence is tangible and will be felt by everyone watching your content. Now, you can expand your business because you have the self-esteem to do so.

4. The “Likeability” Factor:
It’s no secret that people are “more superficial ” today than ever before. If they perceive your brand and business to be one that is popular, they are going to follow the leader. It’s an innate human characteristic that we witness at every level in life. . Therefore, a personal brand that is exciting, engaging, and accessible, will draw in more followers simply due to its likeability factor. Your business will profit in the mean-time.

Creating a personal brand takes time and diligence. From Instagram stories to photos, articles, and e-books, it’s up to you if you want to set aside the time generating content for your personal brand. If you’re looking to improve your business’ sales and exposure, contact us now and start configuring this personal brand image today.

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