Attribution in Twitter

Attribution in Twitter

When we write a research paper in college or high schools, we learned the proper etiquette to credit the original author for the articles that we cited on our paper. It is not cool to plagiarize and you will get caught if you do. With the massive information on the web that are readily available, many people forget to credit or attribute the author.


Chris Syme has written some simple tips on how to attribute properly in Twitter:twitter-bird-blue-on-white


1. Just giving an @username at the end of the tweet should usually be enough.
2. “Via @username” indicates the user brought the piece to your attention.
3. “From @username” indicates the user wrote or was the original source of the information.
4. “MT” indicates you have taken someone’s tweet and repurposed it for space purposes or removed hashtags and such. Just don’t remove the original tweeter’s username if you can help it.
5. If the piece came from a newsfeed such as USA Today or Ragan, it’s not as necessary to attribute the service as it is the author. You may have to look up a bio to find a Twitter username for an author, but it’s worth the time. Often, the writer will retweet your message giving you a larger audience exposure. Again, it’s good business.
6. If you are a blogger and use some information you found online or in print media in a blog piece, be sure and give a nod to the original author. Consider going one step further and link to the original piece so your readers can reference the article as well.


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