Cobblestones of Lowell Social Media Case Study

About the Project

Since 1994, Cobblestones of Lowell has offered excellent dining and hospitality amongst magnificent architecture and ambiance. Cobblestones of Lowell intended to attract new customers, focusing on attracting a younger and more diverse audience in Lowell and the surrounding area. They wanted to promote Buck n’ Shuck Tuesdays and their Sunday Brunch. Tomo360 helped them connect online with other businesses, communities, influencers and customer groups.


  • 200+

    New fans on Facebook

  • 1.7K+

    likes in 6 months.

  • +1,403%

    increase in engagement.

As we opened the 3rd restaurant, it was time to make a move, to make us more professional, and more organized. To send messages, collect, organize and be dynamic, all the things they have to do to represent 3 distinctly different restaurants, and Tomo360 is all over it. This group never stops working, if we’re not clear on something there’s an email that says let’s get on a phone call and clear out what you’re trying to say. All of the things that they do for us, it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us.

Scott’s Plath, Owner of Stones Hospitality Group Restaurants

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