Powerhouse Cafe & Catering SEO Case Study

Powerhouse Cafe & Catering is proud to be a Nationally Certified Woman-Owned Business by Heather DeBerio. It opened its doors in 2015 by offering fresh-pressed juices in Lowell. When people started to show interest in a healthy lifestyle she opened up a second shop offering  catering services for small and large events of any occasion in Seaport, Boston, MA. 

Powerhouse Cafe & Catering’s new website needed to improve its search ranking and increase engagement and traffic to its new location. Due to the pandemic,  Powerhouse Cafe & Catering had to close one location, but the juice bar remained open, and they continued to provide catering services. They needed to become top of mind for an audience looking for healthy options for their events and/or their everyday lives in the Greater Boston Area. 

  • 60%

    keyword search results increased in 5 months

  • +73%

    increase in organic search users in 5 months

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