StandNP SEO Case Study

About Us

StandNP’s disposable female urination device (FUD) helps create a safe, sanitary, and hygienic way for women and girls to pee anywhere as men and boys do. StandNP® endeavors to empower everyone including females and girls of all ages to stand with the men and boys to urinate without sitting down on or squatting over unsanitary toilets. We champion everyone’s natural right and opportunity to break through barriers, forge their own gender equality, and enjoy a healthier future.

Tomo360 helped StandNP increase its web search engine results. With SEO services, redesign of their homepage, keyword targeting, and content and blog creation, we were able to accomplish improved ranking results that led StandNP to appear in the top 10 rankings for keyword research in their industry. 

Impact and Results

  • #6

    position ranking in Google searches for two main keywords“Female stand and pee device” and “Stand to pee devices”.

  • 157

    the total increase in the number of keywords.

How It Looked

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