Marketing Consulting Service

You have insight into who your customers are and how to portray your organization. However, when you work with a team of marketing experts, we can quickly uncover new opportunities you otherwise might overlook.

This is where a marketing consultant can add value. At Tomo360, our job is to define your customer’s profiles and marketing channels to attract them so that you can develop long-term strategies to attract and retain new clients.

The Benefits of Working with a Marketing Consultant


Market research and strategy development take a long time to master. Fortunately, you don’t need to read countless journals, blogs, or podcasts, to start creating effective campaigns because we can do it for you. You probably don’t have the time to do all the research. Utilizing years of industry experience and building on our track record of success, we develop strategies for companies in various industries, from nonprofits, biotech, nonprofit, and retail to life sciences.

Uncover New Opportunities

When you work with a team of marketing experts, we can quickly uncover new opportunities that you otherwise might overlook. Marketing isn’t as straightforward as writing articles, social media posts, and newsletters. You need to know how your clients think, what kind of values they hold, where they live, and how they search for your products or services. Knowing what your competitors are doing and what digital marketing options are best practices is also good.

Marketing Strategy

This is where a marketing consultant can add value. At Tomo360, our job is to help our clients create an impact marketing strategy and plan to attract and retain new business. We will guide you through the process of creating a plan by factoring in customer personas, ideal marketing platforms, tactics, retention strategies, and more.

Customer Insights

We use various qualitative and quantitative data forms to develop in-depth customer insights. Our professionals can pinpoint the size and potential growth of your client segments and personas to help you create a marketing strategy that guarantees a healthy ROI.

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Our Reviews

“We needed some assistance and consultation with our social media and selected Tomo360. Great decision… Susu Wong brought wonderful help and her knowledge and expertise is second to none. The fees/prices were extremely reasonable and a great value. I will continue with Tomo360 on this project and others to follow.”

John J. Rice, St. Ann's School and Home

Susu was instrumental in helping me focus my marketing efforts while educating me on the role of social media for my business and how to reach the goals we created together. She is professional, reliable, and creative. I would highly recommend Tomo360 to anyone needing a knowledgeable marketing consultant.

Jennifer Warren, Warren Advocacy

I have referred friends to Tomo360 and have used them personally. I can say, without qualification, that they went above and beyond expectations in every way. Their websites are beautiful, their SEO is well thought out, and their approach to social media is smart and consistent. My firm used them recently for an audit of our current website and current SEO company. What we learned blew our minds. For example, we learned that our current efforts were at times unfocused, that our efforts were occasionally misplaced, and that we were missing out on some important marketing opportunities. Tomo360 has allowed us to present digitally as the professionals that we are and has allowed us to formulate a smarter plan for our digital marketing efforts going forward. Thank you Tomo360.

Mike Harris, Crowe & Harris. LLP

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