Marketing Strategy

2017 Marketing Trends

  What to Look for in 2017 Still dating everything 2016? Us too! It’s hard to believe that it is 2017. Despite the adjustment, we are anticipating a year of growth and change. This includes expanding our company as well as our tools to best suite our clients. Check out some of the marketing trends […]

Are you targeting the right customers?

To be successful in your business, you must have a well thought out marketing and business plan. Within your business plan, the marketing strategy carries an important value to the business. It is essential for business owners to decide whom they are in fact marketing to before actually beginning their marketing process and campaigns. Having [...]

Is Your Product “Worth It” in Your Customer’s Eyes?

Whether you are selling a brand, product, or a service, the most important part of the sales cycle is the customer, and probably the ultimate goal for most business owners. What happens though, when your customers think or perceived your product as too expensive? You might think that lowering your prices, or increasing your marketing [...]

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