Athenian Corner: Social Media

Serving Up a Fun Online Experience that Reflects Athenian Corner’s Brand.


I saw the reach on the Facebook LIVE event and I am VERY pleased! This is exactly the kind of customer engagement I wanted. We were worried about our business during the Pandemic, instead,  we have seen a steady uptick in take-out business since the Facebook Ads started running. I’m sure the combination of organic social media and paid Boosts is making a difference. If we keep this up, we’ll be in pretty good shape once things open up again. Thank you for all your efforts! Happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen! — Teddy Panos, General Manager, Athenian Corner Restaurant

What We Did
  • Social media strategy for Facebook and Twitter
  • Online contests to boost engagement with customers
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Event promotions
  • Online Events

Paid Social Media.

Boosted Facebook Post

  • Goal: To promote takeout orders during the Easter holiday weekends, during the 2020 shut-down
  • Strategy: Mix of organic posts and paid Boosts on Facebook targeted to a specific demographic that lives near the restaurant
  • Results: Most of the food was sold out on Easter Sunday. Sales exceeded expectations
  • Bonus: The next holiday, Mother’s Day, also experienced greater than expected sales, even beating Mother’s Day sales from years’ when the dining room was open

Customers are Social.

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