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Barnstable County, Cape Cod Regional Government .

Key Features
  • Custom Website Design
  • Redesigned Sitemap
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design
  • Website Customized to Match Existing Branding
  • Consolidate fifteen different websites with one unified branding and website architecture
  • On-Page SEO and Website Optimization

Barnstable County is made up of fifteen towns and encompasses the whole geographical region known as Cape Cod. The terms “Cape Cod” and “Barnstable County” relate to the same geographic location. Barnstable County is the 9th most populous county in Massachusetts, out of 14 counties, with 228,996 residents (2020 U.S. Census). Barnstable County has the fourth-highest migration rate in the country in 2020. (U.S. Postal Service). This project involved combining many sub-websites for different departments into one cohesive website, making it easy for users to navigate and departments to update their websites.

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented
across all responsive

Many Barnstable County website users navigate the website from both mobile devices and desktops. This website is fully mobile responsive, making it easy to navigate on all screen sizes.

User-Oriented Homepage Navigation.

The homepage features a “How Do I” search bar that allows users to quickly look up what they are trying to find or do. There is also a drop-down of popular searches based on what users have frequently searched for. In addition, the homepage has eye-catching buttons linking to the most visited pages, along with sections linking to the meeting center, recent news, and upcoming events. These homepage features, along with the organized main navigation menu, all help users easily navigate the website.

Before And After



Easy-to-Use Employee Search.

We created an employee search page that allows users to quickly search for employees by name, or to filter by the department to see the different employees listed. Next to each employee’s name, users can easily access the employee’s phone number, email address, work address, and department.

There is one feed of employees on the back end of the website. It feeds into this page and loads into the individual department contact pages. This feature makes it so that the organization only has to maintain one master list of employees, which is useful and the most efficient option given the large size of Barnstable County. Visit their website at 

“The County’s new website is a huge improvement”, said Beth Albert, County Administrator. “It is much easier to find the calendar of meetings and meeting documents and to access to information on the numerous services provided by Barnstable County.” See the rest of the news.

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