Prendio: Website + Social Media + SEO

Procurement Startup Launches New Website.

Key Features

For Prendio, Tomo360 created a modern website that quickly communicates the essential benefits of the purchasing platform and software. To promote the new website, we used social media platforms to share the new website and calculator.

What We Did
  • Redesign with a custom biotech + pharma theme
  • Add a lead generation tool: The Heroic Calculator
  • SEO services make Prendio the #1-ranked first page on Google and Bing, in their industry
  • New social media strategy promotes new website and calculator

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented
across all responsive

The Client.

Prendio is a procurement software subscription (SAAS) company focusing on purchasing solutions for scientific organizations in biotech and pharma. Prendio markets to the investment community and startups who want to source equipment quickly for labs. At the time, Prendio was also a startup. They needed to generate brand awareness, improve its search rankings, and start using lead generation tools. Tomo360 helped Prendio to create and roll out all of these digital marketing strategies.

Before And After


Prendio’s original website had minimal design elements and no color, looking more like a news site. There weren’t any lead generation tools. The text was accurate, but not engaging.


Tomo360 created a theme, using lots of color and visuals of lab tools to signal to readers that this is a biotech and pharma industry solutions provider. We utilized SEO data to draft content that would launch this provider into the top of the search rankings. Finally, we featured an online calculator as a  lead generation tool and video on the homepage that would immediately engage visitors and capture their imagination and information.

B2B Customers are Social.

Tomo360 established social media accounts for Prendio in order to promote their website and the Heroic Calculator tool to their B2B customers online. Using high-quality graphics and communicating about customer benefits, allowed us to grow their audience organically over 2 years. We used their sales video to drive engagement. Tomo360 also developed Twitter lists to create influence and continue to add followers.

During 2019, when the Facebook algorithm continued to drive down the organic reach, we managed to increase engagement by tagging customers. We also kept a regular posting schedule, using strong product messaging, and leveraging data-driven timing for our posts.

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