A New Website for Walpole Public Library

Accessible Online Library and Community Resources

Key Features

On the newly designed Walpole Public Library website, it is easy to find and download a variety of resources such as ebooks & audiobooks, e-magazines, and reserve conference room and museum passes. Additionally, the library’s programs, activities, events, and services are simpler than ever to navigate and access.

What We Did
  • Designed a new logo and branding guidelines for the library
  • Website redesign including intuitive navigation and readily available resources
  • Created quick links on the home page for popular requests such as museum passes and request a room
  • Show community members how to get involved
  • Featured resources section to encourage users to take advantage of the library’s resources
  • Mobile responsive website

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This website is fully mobile responsive, making it easy for users to navigate regardless of their screen sizes.

The Client.

Walpole offers essential resources to its residents. This project aimed to take an outdated, nonmobile, and difficult-to-navigate website and transform it into a modern website that is easy to use for all. With Walpole Library’s new website, users can find the resources they are seeking and discover resources they may not have previously known.

Before And After



A Full Calendar of Library Programs .

We included a full calendar page that pulls in events from each event category into one category. This makes it so that those interested in more than one event category can see a quick snapshot of all that is happening at the library. From adult events to kid events, teen events, Friend programs and meetings, there is something for everyone at the Walpole Public Library!

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