We essentially step in and serve as your outsourced marketing partner. We offer a variety of marketing services to help benefit your specific business. Our marketing services include marketing strategy, content creation, email marketing, social media, website, and graphic design, search engine optimization and specialty services. Please visit our website to read more about our specialty services.

Please visit our portfolio! We work with biotech companies, town libraries, authors, hospitals, nonprofits, retail and more. Tomo360 works with a range of mid-size businesses, new start-ups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. We work with all different budget sizes. Our clients are generally located in the Greater Boston region and throughout Massachusetts.

Working with Tomo360 will be like having an outsourced marketing partner with the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals! If you need an assessment of your marketing tactics, a marketing strategy, a new website, or an ongoing social media program, we will fulfill that role for your business.  We even do coaching, webinars and content creation. Please read our client reviews!

Yes! We will warrant websites for 6 months, and fix and debug after deployment at no additional charge. We also offer phone support for managing the website and making changes to the website, at no additional charge for 3 months after the website deployment. 

It is our sincere desire to provide maintenance for the websites we design. We will provide a website report on a specified timeline, such as monthly or quarterly, and complete a list of tasks that ensure that maintenance, security, performance & optimization are all applied on your website.

Our maintenance report will list the maintenance tasks completed, statistics on how the site is doing and what improvements or new ideas we have for the website. Specific maintenance tasks include platform updates, plugin updates, link checks, virus scans, and backups. On the performance side, we will check website load times, browser performance, image links, mobile compatibility, and recommendations for improvement. We also include a monthly analytic report to show how many visitors come to your website and their demographic information.

We provide a website tutorial and training video upon completion of your website. Our custom video tutorial provides detailed instructions on how to manage and edit your new website. The tutorial will have a table of contents with timestamps. So that your webmaster can skip around to different tasks with ease. In addition to the custom video, we will host a training session, via a Zoom conference call. We will also be available for any questions or emergencies, via phone support for either 3 or 6 months after delivery (negotiable).

We provide social media programs that include platform set-up, engagement, content creation, advertising, and analytics. We have different packages that can work for a range of budgets. Visit our website to read more about our Tomo90, Tomo180, and Tomo360 Social Media Packages.

And, yes! We do deliver analytical reports with Tomo180 and Tomo360 Social Media Packages. Analytical reviews are the best way to determine how your audiences are reacting to your posts. By paying close attention to your followers, you can adjust your content creation, messaging and even outreach to better suit them, all while learning more about what is important to your customers.

Please visit our Contact Us page to send us an email, subscribe to our eblast, or call us at 978-253-4922.

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