Marketing Tune Up

Marketing should attract new customers, and communicate that your business can solve their unique problems. It should also increase client loyalty and cultivate new relationships with partners. When a marketing plan is optimized, you spend less on needless tactics, your message hits the target, and the possibility of capturing additional revenue increases.

If you aren’t assured that your online marketing presence is optimal, then a marketing assessment can be an excellent way to tune it up! By conducting a periodic review of current marketing efforts, you introduce more agility into your communications and re-align with current business goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Assessment

Start an Assessment by sharing your tools

Share your marketing tools with us so we can review and assess them. Fill out a short form of questions about your business, your customers, and how you wish your marketing would work.


Our team will review your tools to see how they work, point by point. We will also review your competitors.

Reporting and Actionable Results

Your Tomo360 team will present the results to you. We will provide an overview of your marketing and then delve into each marketing tool. For each tool review, you should expect a list of tasks you can take to improve your marketing. We will also provide information on what your competitors are doing.

Improve your Marketing Today

Use an Assessment to tune up your marketing in 2023! Contact us to discuss a customized Digital Marketing Assessment for your business today.

Our Reviews

I have referred friends to Tomo360 and have used them personally. I can say, without qualification, that they went above and beyond expectations in every way. Their websites are beautiful, their SEO is well thought out, and their approach to social media is smart and consistent. My firm had used them recently for an audit of our current website and current SEO company. What we learned blew our minds. For example, we learned that our current efforts were at times unfocused, that our efforts were occasionally misplaced, and that we were missing out on some important marketing opportunities. Tomo360 has allowed us to present digitally as the professionals that we are and has allowed us to formulate a smarter plan for our digital marketing efforts going forward. Thank you, Tomo360.

Mike Harris, Crowe & Harris LLP

Susu and her team at Tomo360 completed a 360 Marketing Tune-Up for my photography business. They looked at my website, SEO, and social media and provided a detailed report of actionable (and helpful!) steps to take. I would definitely recommend them for anyone trying to figure out where to start on their marketing journey. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future also for social media management, once the changes have been made! Tomo360 did a great job helping me feel like I have a plan to tackle all of the “behind the scenes” of running a business.

Cathie Atwood, Emerald Eye Photography

Susu was instrumental in helping me focus my marketing efforts while educating me on the role of social media for my business and how to reach the goals we created together. She is professional, reliable, and creative. I would highly recommend Tomo360 to anyone needing a knowledgeable marketing consultant.

Jen Warren, Warren Advocacy

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