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You are looking for a ‘best of’ agency and our social media marketing services are top-notch.

More than half the world now uses social media. People are online and the best way to connect and influence them is to join the connected crowd and tell your story.

Tomo360 can guide your business in creating and executing an effective social media strategy based on your industry and goals. Our mission is to help you grow your business or organization! Learn more about our Social Media marketing services, how we work and what kinds of results we can achieve for your business.

Our Reviews

I saw the reach on the Facebook LIVE event and I am VERY pleased! This is exactly the kind of customer engagement I wanted. Also, we have seen a steady uptick in take-out business since the Facebook Ads started running. I’m sure the combination of organic social media and paid Boosts is making a difference. If we keep this up, we’ll be in pretty good shape once things open up again. I’m certainly far more optimistic about the outlook than I was back in mid-March! Thank you for all your efforts! Happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Teddy Panos

Susu has provided me with exceptional guidance in navigating the complex realm of social media strategy for my business. She has advised me on how to leverage social media to develop my business and brand. She is savvy in social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more…. She has also guided me through targeted blogging, and newsletter development. I would be lost without her.

Robin Hamilton

Susu was instrumental in helping me focus my marketing efforts while educating me on the role of social media for my business and how to reach the goals we created together. She is professional, reliable, and creative. I would highly recommend Tomo360 to anyone in need of a knowledgeable marketing consultant.

Jen Warren, Warren Advocacy

Tomo360 was a valued partner that guided the development of Mosaic Lowell’s website and a social media campaign to introduce our plan to the community. We’re incredibly grateful for their thoughtful and creative strategies that have given our planning effort the start and boost it needed. Thanks, Susu and Team!

Howard Amidon, Mosaic Lowell Steering Committee

We also received several weeks of postings about our services on both Facebook and Instagram. They were very professional looking. We had posted to Facebook ourselves in the past, but very sporadically. We never posted to Instagram until Tomo360 did it for us. I was especially impressed with the look and the tone of the posts.

We received everything that we expected and agreed to. We worked with Susu Wong and her team, most notably Ally Heap. They were great. Response to our Facebook postings has been very positive. Tomo360 has been able to provide a very thorough analysis of the audience and response for both Facebook and Instagram — this is something we would not be able to do.

Jo-Anne Thompson, Tommy's Taxi

As we opened the 3rd restaurant, it was time to really make a move, to make us more professional, more organized, and Kathy said they use Tomo360 where she works and they’re doing a great job, recommended I should give Susu a call and since then, we haven’t looked back. To send messages, collect, organize and be dynamic, and all the things they have to do to represent 3 distinctly different restaurants, and Tomo360 is all over it. This group never stops working, if we’re not clear on something there’s an email that says let’s get on a phone call and clear out what you’re trying to say. All of the things that they do for us, it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us.

Scott Plath, Stones Hospitality Group

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