Email Marketing

At Tomo360, we create high-quality content for your email marketing. Our expertise includes company messaging, competitive positioning, and promotions. Our wordsmiths are familiar with various industry best practices and will write in a voice that speaks directly to your customers.

Tomo360 provides professional email marketing services to help businesses or nonprofits keep in touch with their audience, convert leads into customers, or increase donations. We are a Solutions Partner of Constant Contact. This means we can provide you with affordable and highly effective email marketing campaigns to connect with your customers.

Email & Content Creation

Email Process & Automation

The Constant Contact platform will take care of many aspects of email marketing automatically. This drives more sales in less time. Email Marketing Automation keeps your audience engaged and builds strong customer relationships by:

  • Welcoming new customers with a customized email
  • Nurturing new leads with drip campaigns
  • Segment contacts to send the right message every time
  • Automatically resend emails to non-openers
  • Expand your reach with powerful list-building tools

Why Automation?

Automation keeps your audience engaged and builds strong customer relationships by welcoming new customers with a customized email. For example, we will nurture new leads with drip campaigns and automatically resend emails to non-openers. By creating email segments we can send the right message to the right audience every time. If you’re still building your email list, we will expand your reach with powerful list-building tools.

Content for Brochures, Websites & More

We are experienced in messaging, re-writing multiple pages, service descriptions, enticing product descriptions, and creating engaging copy for your website. We -can do this in tandem with other teams so that your project runs smoothly.

Blog Content

Blogs can increase search engine ranking, generate leads, and amplify brand awareness. Our team can assist with writing informative blog articles to share on your website and promote your social media channels. 

Press Releases

If you need strategic messaging for a news announcement, we have experience with hi-tech, consumer, restaurants, life sciences, and nonprofit public relations. We draft compelling news announcements that are ready to be shared directly with the media. Tomo360 can also advise you on which media to target and conduct outreach services.

Our Reviews

All of the things that they do for us [website designs, web updates, marketing collateral, social media marketing, digital ad campaigns, co-branding opportunities, micro-influencer campaigns, email marketing…], it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us

Scott Plath, Stones Hospitality Group

Tomo360 has been a real partner in helping build our website and supporting our blog, email marketing and social media presence. Their team is very flexible and really did an excellent job in designing our company’s primary website.


Howard Amidon, Mosaic Lowell

I’ve had a great experience working with the team from Tomo360. The Tomo360 team is smart, creative and easy to work with. They were always available and responsive to our needs. Tomo360 provided us with high-quality marketing images, managed our social media ad campaign and helped us create an exciting event for multiple audiences. It was a pleasure working with them!


Stephanie Guyotte, UMass Lowell

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