Tomo360 is an experienced digital marketing partner for government and state agencies and municipalities. We understand how marketing can shape behavior, improve outcomes, and boost the quality of life in the communities you serve.

Our service to government and agencies resonates in several sectors, such as housing, healthcare, communications, economic development and conservation.

Tomo360 partners with government-funded initiatives or organizations to innovate and creatively connect with their audiences. Our experience includes working with government agencies, cities, and municipalities – and their budgets and processes.

Digital marketing for government and state agencies is likely to be successful when you partner with an agency that holds multiple certifications in your state, nationally, and with marketing tech platforms.  

Tomo360 is a proud certified PRF70 vendor in 2020, and we can deliver category 1, 2, and 3 services. We are also certified by the State of Massachusetts and Boston as a Women, Minority, and LGBT Certified Business Enterprise.

Marketing Services that Address the Needs
of Government Agencies

Our tailored services will help elevate your online presence. We understand the unique problems of government agencies, and we will create an effective marketing plan to tackle those issues. 

Every program is unique, so determining what strategies and tactics will be most effective depends on how established your organization is, the complexity of your website, the market, and how your customers behave.

When you partner with Tomo360, we make every effort to understand your audience and brainstorm all the ways that you could connect with them. At Tomo360, we provide measurable results in the following areas:

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Advertisements

  • Videography

  • Google Ads

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Event Landing Page

Hear From Our Clients

The results of working with Tomo360 are clear: we help government agencies and organizations strengthen branding and connections with their supporters. We can also support you in increasing and meeting the goals that ensure your continued funding. Visit our Portfolio to see the results of our digital marketing work and results. Our biggest satisfaction is to participate in the beneficial work that your agency carries out.

We cannot say enough about our experience with Tomo360, who consolidated Barnstable County’s many departments into one site at The new site is incredibly clean, ADA-compliant, and everything is easy to find with the layout and search features. The Meeting Center is particularly important for the public and was done very well. They helped integrate public-facing SharePoint folders and used some excellent plug-ins. We have taken our county website to the next level, and I can confidently say that the staff here at the County are proud of the result. I would highly recommend Tomo360 for all website projects. In addition, I would add that the team at Tomo360 is highly responsive, friendly, courteous and professional. We look forward to a long working relationship with Tomo360.

Sonja Sheasley, Communications Manager, County Commissioners, County of Barnstable

The Tomo360 team has been wonderful to work with. They are professional, reliable and deliver a quality product. They take great pride in their work and their love for marketing shows in the relationships they build with clients.

Beth Reynolds, Director of Economic Development & Community Outreach, Town of Ashland
It was a great experience working with the Tomo360 team. They produce wonderful products including redesigning our old website, logo designs, social media, Google Ads, and SEO, and it was great working with them.
Michael Lally, Director of Business Operations, Lowell Cemetery  

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