Marketing Consulting Services

How Marketing Consulting Can Benefit Your Business

Marketing Consulting Services

The Benefits of Working with a Consultant

Market research and strategy development take a long time to master. Fortunately, you don’t need to read countless journals, books, or podcasts, to start creating effective campaigns, because we can do it for you. Utilizing years of industry experience and building on our track record of success, we develop strategies for companies in a broad range of industries, from biotech, nonprofit, retail, to life sciences, and e-commerce.

You have insight into who your customers are and how to portray your company in a good light. However, when you work with a team of marketing experts we can quickly uncover new opportunities that you otherwise might overlook.

Marketing isn’t as straightforward as just writing articles, social media updates, and newsletters. You need to know how your clients think, what kind of values they hold, where they live, and how they search for your products or services. It’s also good to know what your competitors are doing and what digital marketing options are best practices right now.

This is where a marketing consultant can add value. At Tomo360, our job is to define your customers into segments so that you can develop long-term strategies to both attract and retain new business. We will guide you through the process of creating a plan by factoring in customer personas, ideal marketing platforms, tactics, retention strategies, and more.

Defining Your Audience

By understanding the values, habits, and personas of your target segments, you can tweak your marketing materials to ensure your readers can emotionally connect with your offering. You need people to view your services as something they can’t do without, not just something that could prove useful.

We use various forms of qualitative and quantitative data to develop in-depth customer insights. Our professionals can pinpoint the size and potential growth of your client segments and personas to help you create a marketing strategy that guarantees a healthy ROI.

Selecting Your Marketing Platforms

Once you know who you want to target and what kind of information to target them with, you need to think about how you can get your marketing campaigns in front of them. Do your target segments spend hours a day on Facebook or do they prefer scanning Twitter for bite-sized news updates and stories? How likely are your defined audiences to sign up for a newsletter? How can you ensure they remain interested and engaged?

You can work with us in a variety of ways, from one-on-one consultation, hands-on workshops to assessments, we can customize a solution that will work best for your business. 

Please visit our Digital Marketing Strategy page to learn more about our process.

If you’d like to find out how we can tailor a long-term marketing plan to achieve your goals, we encourage you to get in touch.

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