Marketing Workshops

Susu Wong, Experienced Speaker and Presenter is Committed to Sharing her Marketing Expertise

Marketing Workshops

Tomo360 provides a variety of marketing workshops in the Greater Boston area. We can customize a webinar for your group. Download Susu’s speaking flyer and share it with your organization today! Also, visit our Events page to register for Susu’s next workshop.


1. Creative Marketing for Restaurants

COVID-19 presented many unique challenges for restaurants but also created opportunities to be creative with online marketing. The City of Lowell, in partnership with Susu Wong, presented webinars on Creative Restaurant Marketing in 2020. This is currently a two-part series. The first session focuses on marketing for your website, leveraging Google My Business, and SEO marketing. The second session is a deep dive into social media tactics.

2. A Fresh Start / Finding Your Way Back

This webinar is about reopening strategies, pivoting your business products and services, and marketing strategies that will support this. COVID-19 has transformed our contact with customers. The second phase of social distancing has just started, and now is the time to reconnect with your customers. Your business may be ready to open but are your customers ready? New online strategies and tools are essential in this new normal to help your business thrive. Susu Wong of Tomo360, will discuss these tools and help you determine which may be most important for your business right now.

3. Marketing Canvas Workshops

Develop a dynamic Marketing Strategy in just two hours!
A marketing plan is a crucial tool that increases the likelihood of success for your business. The Marketing Canvas is a one-page marketing strategy that is easy to complete within a couple of hours, versus days or months. It contains all the important aspects of your marketing plan and helps you identify:

  • Your customer profiles
  • Market segments
  • Your value proposition
  • And more!

The Marketing Canvas Workshop is ideal for any business and was inspired by the popular Business Model Canvas, a strategic management and Lean Startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models.

At this workshop, you will get an overview and a tutorial of the Marketing Canvas, work with our instructor, and brainstorm with other business owners.

We will help build your customized plan and provide information and tips to help with your advertising budget
By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer idea of where specifically to spend your advertising dollars within your budget.

Remember that marketing is not a one-time event. It is a continuous and evolving process. Only a well-planned strategy will yield measurable results and money well spent.

4. Intro To Marketing Workshops

This seminar is a great resource for business owners who are new to marketing. It is also appropriate for existing owners who want to explore alternative ways to amp up their marketing campaigns.

Maximize Resources & Gain Visibility

  • Find better ways to market your product or services
  • Research and refine target customers and their profiles
  • Learn how to differentiate your business
  • Discover new ways to reach customers more precisely with the correct messages and media.

Join us to learn practical yet affordable ways to connect with your audience!

5. Intro to Social Media Marketing Workshops

If you are not capitalizing on social media for your business, you are missing the boat.  Social media can make a tremendous impact on your company and your brand when implemented correctly and diligently.  It is an excellent communications tool for business owners to engage with their customers and prospects, and a feedback loop about your products and services.

This seminar is an introductory course for business owners who are new to social media.  We offer practical tips, hands-on website tools, and best practices to help business owners market and grow their business.

6. Social Media Intensive Workshops

Do you need to strengthen your market reach and increase customer engagement? Are you looking for social media to generate more revenue?

This 3-hour intensive course will help you:

  • Create a social media strategy tailored to your business
  • Increase client loyalty and efficiently capture your audience with blogs
  • Gain traction on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest
  • Decrease time spent on Social Media with automation tools
  • Integrate different social media to bring in additional revenue
  • Learn how to access your customers’ insights and use the analytics
  • Best DIY business applications of these social media platforms.

7. Email Marketing That Works Workshops

Email is still an important communication tool for business. In fact, email is the most popular B2B marketing channel and the second most commonly used in B2C marketing.  This introductory workshop provides you with the step-by-step design process in creating and branding your Constant Contact Email Template.

You will learn how to set your marketing goals, brand your email template with your logo, create contact footer, integrate social media buttons, and design a sign-up form using your Constant Contact account.  We will also show you how to manage and segment your contacts.

Learn how to monitor the analytics of your email and integrate it with your social media presence.  Also, find out how to increase sending reports and getting emails noticed with industry best practices, strategies, and techniques.  By learning the essentials of creating great content and monitoring your reports, you will identify ways to increase visibility in an email inbox.

8. Hands-on WordPress Website Workshops

Learn how to use WordPress to set up a website and be sure you have the right components to help drive business! Your website is your virtual storefront, and with our help, you can create a great first impression to your potential customers!  WordPress is the content management system of choice for building websites because it requires little to no programming. Over 20% of all websites are now using and converting to WordPress due to its ease of use and flexibility.

This interactive workshop starts with a marketing overview of various ways to make your website more visible and easier to use. We then show you how to start, update, or maintain your WordPress website, so bring your laptop!

You’ll learn how to work on some basic WordPress tools such as editing your page, installing plugins, changing the navigation page, footers, creating a table/form/FAQs.

Maximize Your Marketing and Grow Your Business


How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

This detailed guide will help you to create your Facebook Business Manager Account. Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to easily manage multiple pages and ad accounts, while also being able to safely assign roles to your employees or contractors.