Our Partners

Our Partners

Partners and Certifications

When you work with Tomo360, you also work with our affiliated partners who will provide you with the quality of service, creativity, and superb customer support. We carefully select our partners to give you the best. 

Email Marketing Solutions Partner

Tomo360 is a Solutions Partner of Constant Contact. Constant Contact sets the industry standard with their simple yet creative email marketing templates, social media campaigns, and online survey tools.  We can provide you with affordable and highly effective email marketing campaigns to connect with your customers in multiple ways. If you sign up with us, we offer email subscription discounts to our customers and a 60-day free trial.  So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

We also keep an open attitude toward technology and tools. If you are using a different email platform, we can still collaborate with you and grow your list! This stands for all marketing tech, from SEO to website, social media analytics, CRM and more! 

Approved Massachusetts Marketing Vendor

Tomo360 is also a diversity PRF70 vendor for the State of Massachusetts. Tomo360 had to submit an extensive bid with detailed portfolio examples in order to become a PRF70 vendor. This was a comprehensive vetting process and we are very proud to be named as a trusted vendor. We are excited to assist state agencies with marketing Projects Over the Next 5 Years. 

Diversity Certifications

Tomo360 is certified by Massachusetts as a woman (WBE), a minority (MBE), and LGBT Business Enterprise. This means that the State of Massachusetts has vetted our operations and confirmed that we are who we say we are! If you would like to work with a WBE, MBE, or LGBT Business Enterprise, then we are qualified! 

In addition to state certification, we are certified LGBTBE by the National LGBT Chamber of CommerceNGLCC is a national, third-party certification body that helps foster business spend with their corporation partners and increases opportunities for LGBTQ Business Enterprises all over the United States.

MA LGBT Chamber of Commerce also works to cultivate relationships between the corporate sector and LGBT businesses in the Commonwealth. Our Founder, Susu Wong is a Founding and a Board Member of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce


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National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

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