Amplifying Aviwell: A Press Release Success Story

Amplifying Aviwell: A Press Release Success Story

In the dynamic realm of deep tech startups, Aviwell stands as a beacon of innovation, leveraging groundbreaking AI/ML technologies to revolutionize animal health and agricultural practices. With a mission to enhance food security while minimizing costs, Aviwell embarked on a journey to introduce its disruptive solutions to the world. 

Partnering with Tomo360, a leading digital marketing agency, Aviwell sought to amplify its brand presence, engage with key stakeholders, and secure media coverage in targeted industries.

About Aviwell

Aviwell pioneers natural and sustainable solutions to improve animal health, drawing on three decades of pioneering research in the realms of microbiota gut-brain axis and Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on developing revolutionary feed solutions for livestock producers worldwide, Aviwell is committed to addressing the global challenge of nourishing a growing population in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

To achieve Aviwell’s objectives of enhancing brand awareness and securing media coverage, Tomo360 implemented a strategic press release campaign, encompassing the following key initiatives:

  • Comprehensive Media Research: Tomo360 meticulously researched editorial contacts across various sectors including Business News, Life Sciences, Biotech, AI/ML, and Agriculture/Agritech, compiling a robust media list of 173 contacts and 20 analysts.
  • Messaging Strategy Development: Collaborating closely with Aviwell, Tomo360 crafted a tailored messaging strategy aligned with the company’s mission, positioning, and target audiences, including media outlets and potential investors.
  • Press Release Creation and Distribution: Tomo360 collaborated on the creation and distribution of two press releases, ensuring alignment with Aviwell’s messaging and objectives. The press releases were strategically distributed on wire services to maximize visibility.
  • Media Outreach and Engagement: Tomo360 conducted proactive outreach via email, phone, and social media channels, engaging with media targets to generate interest and secure coverage. Exclusive news pre-briefs were offered to select outlets, enhancing the appeal of Aviwell’s announcements.
  • Industry Analyst Engagement: Tomo360 facilitated outreach to industry analysts studying the Agritech sector, fostering relationships, and positioning Aviwell as a thought leader in the field.

Campaign Results

The collaborative efforts between Aviwell and Tomo360 yielded significant outcomes, including:

  • Wide-reaching Media Coverage: Aviwell’s press releases garnered substantial media attention, with features on prominent platforms such as FOX59,, KHON2, AGFunder News Network, and more, resulting in a total organic reach of millions.
  • Podcast Interview Opportunity: Aviwell’s CEO, Mouli Ramani, was invited for an insightful interview on the “Inside Lowell” podcast, further amplifying Aviwell’s visibility within the local community and beyond.
  • Industry Analyst Engagement: Tomo360 facilitated a meeting for Aviwell with industry analyst Katie Stebbins, providing an invaluable opportunity for knowledge sharing and relationship building.
  • Social Media Growth: Aviwell experienced notable growth across its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, with follower counts increasing by 43% and 30%, respectively, throughout the duration of the campaign.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between Aviwell and Tomo360 have yielded tangible results in amplifying Aviwell’s brand presence, engaging with key stakeholders, and securing media coverage across targeted industries. By leveraging strategic press release campaigns and proactive media outreach, Aviwell has positioned itself as a leading innovator in the realm of animal health and agricultural technology, paving the way for continued growth and impact in the years to come.

Impact and Results

  • +16 million

    Wide-reaching media coverage in organic impressions

  • 93,000

    Podcast views.

  • 5,000

    Podcast downloads.

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