Cobblestones of Lowell: Building a Buzz, Bridging Communities, and Brewing Success through Social Media

Cobblestones of Lowell: Building a Buzz, Bridging Communities, and Brewing Success through Social Media

Since 1994, Cobblestones of Lowell has been a beacon of dining excellence, nestled within the embrace of magnificent architecture and timeless ambiance. However, in the pursuit of progress and the desire to connect with a new generation of diners in Lowell and its neighboring areas, Cobblestones embarked on a mission to reinvent its image. Their objectives were clear: attract a younger and more diverse audience, promote signature events like Buck n’ Shuck Tuesdays and Sunday Brunch, and establish robust connections with local businesses, communities, and customer groups online. Tomo360 stepped in with a dynamic social media strategy to illuminate the path forward.

About Cobblestones of Lowell

Cobblestones of Lowell has been a culinary landmark since 1994, celebrated for its exceptional dining experiences set against a backdrop of stunning architecture and timeless ambiance. With a vision to usher in a new era of dining, Cobblestones sought to rejuvenate its brand, capture the attention of a younger, more diverse audience, and promote signature events like Buck n’ Shuck Tuesdays and Sunday Brunch. Additionally, they aspired to foster meaningful connections with local businesses, communities, and diverse customer groups through online engagement.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Our approach to rejuvenate Cobblestones’ online presence was multifaceted:

  • Tailored Social Media Strategies: Tomo360 crafted customized social media strategies, carefully tailored to each aspect of Cobblestones’ brand. These strategies were designed to resonate with diverse audience segments while aligning with the restaurant’s goals.
  • Strategic Boosting: To enhance online visibility and engagement, we recommended strategically boosting select posts and investing in targeted ads. This approach effectively expanded Cobblestones’ followers, boosted audience engagement, and fostered meaningful interactions on their social media channels.

Campaign Results

Our dynamic social media endeavors yielded remarkable results, establishing Cobblestones as a culinary hub and a community catalyst. Key outcomes include:

  • Facebook Metrics: Cobblestones attracted over 200 new fans, witnessed a remarkable increase of 1,403% in engagement, and garnered 1.7K new likes within six months. Check-ins surged by 294, while comments skyrocketed by 1,184%. The post reach expanded from 15K to an impressive 196K users.
  • Instagram Success: Cobblestones’ Instagram presence flourished with an increase of 207 new followers, bringing the total followers to 1.5K. Across various parameters, including post comments, engagement, impressions, and likes, discernible growth was observed. Profile reach surged from 621 to an impressive 49K.


Through strategic social media management, Cobblestones of Lowell has not only attracted a new wave of diners but has also established itself as a vibrant hub for diverse communities and local businesses. The surge in online engagement, increased followership, and amplified reach have illuminated a path to culinary excellence and community connection.

Impact and Results

  • 7.7K

    New Facebook Fans Growth.

  • 49K

    Instagram Profile Reach expansion from 621.

  • +1,403%

    Facebook Engagement Increase in six months.

As we opened the 3rd restaurant, it was time to make a move, to make us more professional, and more organized. To send messages, collect, organize and be dynamic, all the things they have to do to represent 3 distinctly different restaurants, and Tomo360 is all over it. This group never stops working, if we’re not clear on something there’s an email that says let’s get on a phone call and clear out what you’re trying to say. All of the things that they do for us, it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us.

Scott’s Plath, Owner of Stones Hospitality Group Restaurants

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