Elevating Education: A Transformational Journey with Lowell Public Schools

Elevating Education: A Transformational Journey with Lowell Public Schools

In 2020, Lowell Public Schools embarked on an ambitious initiative known as “Portrait of a Graduate.” This visionary endeavor was a community-driven process aimed at redefining success for Lowell’s students in the 21st century. It sought to outline not only the values but also the knowledge, skills, and work habits required for students to thrive as learners, workers, and leaders. By uniting students, families, educators, employers, and community partners, this initiative envisioned a bold new future for Lowell’s graduates.

About Lowell Public Schools

Lowell Public Schools, a cornerstone of education in the community, has long been committed to providing the best possible education to its students. The “Portrait of a Graduate” initiative represented a forward-thinking approach to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. 

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Tomo360 embarked on a comprehensive approach to breathe new life into the “Portrait of a Graduate” initiative:

  • Branding: A complete rebranding effort was initiated, including the creation of a new logo and visual identity to represent the initiative’s fresh perspective.
  • Content Creation: Engaging and informative content was crafted to convey the essence and goals of the initiative effectively.
  • Marketing Collateral: A suite of marketing collateral was developed to support the initiative’s outreach efforts and convey its message to the community.
  • Social Media and Website Strategy: A strategic plan was devised to revamp the online presence, ensuring that the community received a clear and compelling understanding of the initiative’s mission.

Campaign Results

The campaign delivered impressive results:

  • Rejuvenated Branding: The initiative received a new visual identity that aligned with its forward-looking vision.
  • Effective Content: Compelling content resonated with the community, conveying the initiative’s purpose and goals.
  • Engaging Marketing Collateral: A suite of marketing materials bolstered outreach efforts and enhanced community engagement.
  • Revamped Online Presence: A strategic social media and website strategy breathed new life into the initiative’s online visibility.


In conclusion, Tomo360’s multifaceted approach revitalized Lowell Public Schools’ “Portrait of a Graduate” initiative. The rebranding efforts, engaging content, and enhanced marketing collateral successfully conveyed the initiative’s vision to the community. This case study exemplifies the power of strategic branding and content creation in advancing educational initiatives and fostering community engagement.

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