Moonstones at Chelmsford: Sizzling Success in Social Media Marketing

Moonstones at Chelmsford: Sizzling Success in Social Media Marketing

In 2008, Moonstones opened its doors in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, with a mission to provide the local community with a distinctive and dynamic urban dining experience. The restaurant aimed to embody the themes of style, worldliness, and flavorful cuisine, catering to a younger, sophisticated, and hip professional clientele looking for an enticing alternative to Boston’s dining scene. Moonstones also planned to introduce a steak and raw bar to enhance its offerings, making it essential to promote this addition effectively. Additionally, they sought to boost their happy hour and bar presence.

About Moonstones at Chelmsford

Moonstones at Chelmsford is a restaurant that has been serving the Chelmsford community since 2008. With a focus on providing a stylish, worldly, and flavorful dining experience, Moonstones caters to a younger, sophisticated, and hip professional clientele. The restaurant offers a diverse menu and ambiance that sets it apart as a unique dining destination in Chelmsford.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

To address Moonstones’ goals and enhance its online presence, we developed a tailored social media strategy for the restaurant. This strategy was designed to effectively reach its target audience and differentiate its brand in the competitive dining industry. Key components of our approach included:

  • Audience Segmentation: We segmented Moonstones’ current market and devised strategies to expand its audience base in alignment with its objectives.
  • Boosted Posts and Ads: We recommended boosting select posts and investing in targeted social media ads to increase followers, engagement, and interactions across the restaurant’s social channels.

Campaign Results

Our social media efforts yielded significant results, bolstering Moonstones’ online presence and engagement. Here are some key outcomes:


  • Attracted over 160 new fans to the Facebook profile.
  • Increased likes by 1.1K.
  • Grew the fan base by 5.4K.
  • Expanded post reach from 6.2K to an impressive 92K.
  • Check-ins surged from 8 to 175.


  • Gained 155 new followers, raising the total followers to 1.3K (from 63).
  • Saw increased post comments, engagement, impressions, and likes.
  • Achieved a profile reach that soared from 39 to an impressive 31K.


Through our strategic social media marketing efforts, Moonstones at Chelmsford achieved remarkable success in expanding its online presence, attracting new customers, and engaging with its target audience. The restaurant’s commitment to delivering a stylish and flavorful dining experience, coupled with our tailored social media strategy, led to a sizzling triumph in the digital realm. Moonstones continues to serve as a prime dining destination in Chelmsford, attracting a diverse and dynamic clientele.

Impact and Results

  • 160+

    New Fans to the Facebook Profile.

  • 5.4K

    Fan base growth.

  • 31K

    Profile Reach surged from 39.

As we opened the 3rd restaurant, it was time to make a move, to make us more professional, and more organized. To send messages, collect, organize and be dynamic, all the things they have to do to represent 3 distinctly different restaurants, and Tomo360 is all over it. This group never stops working, if we’re not clear on something there’s an email that says let’s get on a phone call and clear out what you’re trying to say. All of the things that they do for us, it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us.
Scott’s Plath - Owner of Stones Hospitality Group Restaurants

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