Moonstones Social Media Case Study

About Us

In 2008, Moonstones opened its doors in Chelmsford offering the local community a progressive, quality, and dynamic urban dining experience. Moonstones at Chelmsford’s main purpose was to continue expressing the brand themes of a stylish, worldly, and flavorful dinner spot that is perfect for younger, sophisticated, and hip professionals, looking for an alternative to Boston.  Also, they were building back steak and a raw bar geared towards that pursuit, so it was important to promote that once it was ready. They had their happy hour and bar mojo that required attention and focus.

Impact and Results

  • 160+

    new fans to the Facebook profile

  • 5.4K

    Fans increased

  • 31K

    Profile reach increased on Instagram

As we opened the 3rd restaurant, it was time to make a move, to make us more professional, and more organized. To send messages, collect, organize and be dynamic, all the things they have to do to represent 3 distinctly different restaurants, and Tomo360 is all over it. This group never stops working, if we’re not clear on something there’s an email that says let’s get on a phone call and clear out what you’re trying to say. All of the things that they do for us, it has been an amazing find for us and I really appreciate how professionally Tomo360 represents us.
Scott’s Plath - Owner of Stones Hospitality Group Restaurants

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