Pioneering Dental Practice Excellence: Fortune Northeast’s SEO Victory

Pioneering Dental Practice Excellence: Fortune Northeast’s SEO Victory

Fortune Northeast is dedicated to transforming dental practices across New England, New York, and New Jersey. Their mission is to provide dentists and dental teams with essential management expertise, empowering them to enhance both their practices and personal lives. Fortune’s dental coaches implement cutting-edge practice management systems and impart the leadership and skills required for dental practice success. When Fortune Northeast sought to bolster their online presence and rankings in web search engines, they turned to Tomo360 for a strategic solution.

About Fortune Northeast

Fortune Northeast stands as a beacon of guidance for dental professionals in the northeastern United States. With a focus on management excellence, they equip dentists and their teams with the knowledge and strategies needed to run thriving dental practices. By providing coaching and implementing practice management systems, Fortune Northeast has become a trusted partner for dental practitioners seeking to elevate their businesses.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Our strategy was meticulously crafted to enhance Fortune Northeast’s online presence:

  • On-Page SEO and Keyword Targeting: We optimized their website with strategic SEO techniques, focusing on relevant keywords to boost visibility.
  • Internal Linking: To improve navigation and user experience, we established strong internal links to the homepage and solutions pages.
  • Content and Blogging: We consistently created high-quality, relevant content and blogs, enriching their website and demonstrating expertise in dental practice management.

Campaign Results

In a span of six months (February 2022 to July 2022), our efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • Total keywords increased by a staggering 208%.
  • The key phrase “Dental practice management coach” leaped from not ranking to claiming the top spot in Google searches.


Through a strategic blend of SEO techniques, keyword targeting, and content enrichment, Fortune Northeast achieved a remarkable transformation in its online visibility. Earning the coveted #1 rank in Google searches, they are now better poised than ever to fulfill their mission of empowering dental professionals and elevating dental practice management.

Impact and Results

  • #1

    placement of their website on Google Searches for “Dental Practice Management Coach.”

  • +208%

    increase in total keywords over six months.

How It Looked

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