Serving Up a Fun Online Experience that Reflects Athenian Corner’s Brand

Serving Up a Fun Online Experience that Reflects Athenian Corner’s Brand

Nestled in the heart of downtown Lowell, Massachusetts, amidst the charm of the Historic District, Athenian Corner has been a culinary cornerstone since 1974. Boasting the largest variety of fine Greek cuisine in New England, the Panagiotopoulos family has upheld a tradition of quality dishes, generous portions, and affordable prices.

Despite the challenges posed by the 2020 shutdowns, Athenian Corner sought to maintain its legacy by promoting takeout orders during the Easter holiday weekends. Collaborating closely with Tomo360, who devised a tailored approach to amplify the restaurant’s reach and engagement, leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to drive takeout sales during the crucial holiday period.

About Athenian Corner

Athenian Corner stands as a beacon of Greek culinary excellence, serving the Lowell community and beyond for over four decades. With a commitment to authenticity and hospitality, the Panagiotopoulos family continues to delight patrons with a rich tapestry of flavors, steeped in tradition and heritage. With its long-running restaurant featuring Greek fare & regular live music with belly dancing, we are sure you will have an excellent time.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

To bolster takeout sales during the Easter holiday weekends amid the pandemic shutdowns, Athenian Corner enlisted a multi-faceted social media strategy:

  • Social Media Engagement: Leveraging platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we devised a strategic approach to engage with the local community, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.
  • Online Contests: Engaging contests were launched to incentivize interaction and participation, generating buzz around Athenian Corner’s offerings and driving customer engagement.
  • Facebook Advertising: Targeted Facebook advertising campaigns were deployed to reach a specific demographic residing near the restaurant, amplifying visibility and enticing potential customers.
  • Event Promotions: Through strategic event promotions, we highlighted Athenian Corner’s offerings for the Easter holiday weekends, emphasizing the convenience and quality of their takeout options.
  • Online Events: Virtual events were organized to maintain a sense of community and celebration during the holidays, further reinforcing Athenian Corner’s presence in the minds of customers.
  • Paid Social Media: Investment in paid social media initiatives, including boosted Facebook posts, aimed to maximize reach and engagement, driving traffic to Athenian Corner’s online platforms and encouraging takeout orders.

Campaign Results

The implementation of our comprehensive strategy yielded exceptional results for Athenian Corner:

  • Sold-Out Success: On Easter Sunday, Athenian Corner experienced unprecedented demand, with most of their delectable offerings sold out. The campaign surpassed sales expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach.
  • Exceeding Expectations: Not only did the Easter holiday campaign achieve remarkable success, but it also had a ripple effect on subsequent holidays. Sales during Mother’s Day exceeded expectations, surpassing even pre-pandemic levels when the dining room was open.
  • Community Connection: Beyond sales figures, the campaign fostered a deeper connection with the local community, positioning Athenian Corner as a reliable and beloved culinary destination, even during challenging times.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Athenian Corner during the Easter holiday weekends exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing initiatives. By leveraging social media platforms, targeted advertising, and innovative promotions, we successfully elevated Athenian Corner’s takeout success, exceeding sales projections and strengthening its bond with the community. As Athenian Corner continues to navigate evolving market dynamics, our partnership stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of small businesses in the face of adversity.

Impact and Results

  • 100%

    Sold-out sales due to social media efforts on Easter.

  • 2.9K

    People reached through organic social posts. 

  • 12K+

    In organic reach for event promos in 90 days

I saw the reach on the Facebook LIVE event and I am VERY pleased! This is exactly the kind of customer engagement I wanted. We were worried about our business during the Pandemic, instead,  we have seen a steady uptick in take-out business since the Facebook Ads started running. I’m sure the combination of organic social media and paid Boosts is making a difference. If we keep this up, we’ll be in pretty good shape once things open up again. Thank you for all your efforts! Happy to sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Teddy Panos, General Manager, Athenian Corner Restaurant

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