Tafari Wraps: Weaving Success Through SEO Mastery

Tafari Wraps: Weaving Success Through SEO Mastery

House of Tafari Collection, trading as Tafari Wraps, is a luxury design house and cultural treasure trove that celebrates and preserves Afro-Diasporic Culture through its exquisite range of luxury headwraps, home décor, fashion, and art education. Their products are a vibrant fusion of Caribbean exuberance and the majestic landscapes of Africa, boasting cutting-edge designs that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage they represent.

In a digital landscape bustling with creativity and competition, Tafari Wraps sought to elevate its online presence and optimize its web search engine ranking. Tomo360 stepped in with a comprehensive SEO strategy that not only breathed new life into their online identity but also propelled their brand positioning to new heights.

About Tafari Wraps

Tafari Wraps, a division of House of Tafari Collection, is a luxury design house that is more than just a brand; it’s a celebration of culture and heritage. With an array of Afro-Diasporic-inspired products, they encapsulate the essence of the Caribbean and Africa in their functional artistry, offering a unique experience to those who appreciate cultural richness.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Our SEO approach for Tafari Wraps encompassed several crucial elements:

  • Keyword Optimization: In-depth keyword research and optimization were conducted to ensure Tafari Wraps ranked prominently for relevant search terms.
  • Homepage Redesign: The homepage underwent a transformation, combining aesthetic appeal with user-friendly design to enhance the overall browsing experience.
  • Content Creation: We enriched the website with engaging blog articles and top-of-page text on product pages, providing valuable information and increasing SEO relevance.

Campaign Results

The results of our SEO transformation were impressive:

  • 227% Increase in Six Months: The SEO strategy yielded a remarkable 227% increase in web search engine ranking over a six-month period (from October 2021, before the contract, to March 2022).
  • Keyword Ranking Improvements: African-inspired headwraps and African placemats went from not ranking to securing the #4 position, enhancing visibility and accessibility for potential customers.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Tafari Wraps and Tomo360 exemplifies the power of SEO in reshaping online identities and enhancing brand positioning. By optimizing keywords, redesigning the homepage, and enriching content, Tafari Wraps achieved substantial improvements in web search engine ranking. This case study underscores the vital role that strategic SEO plays in the digital landscape, ultimately elevating brands and their visibility.

Impact and Results

  • 227%

    increase in Web Search Engine Ranking over a six-month period.

  • #4

    Keyword Ranking for the keywords “African-inspired headwraps” and “African placemats”.

How It Looked

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