Reviving Excellence: The Tyngsborough Middle School Renovation Campaign

Reviving Excellence: The Tyngsborough Middle School Renovation Campaign

Since its construction in 1968, Tyngsborough Middle School has been a versatile educational institution, adapting to various needs over the years. From serving as a Jr. and Sr. High School to becoming an elementary school and eventually remaining a middle school, the building has seen it all. However, as time passed, the school’s infrastructure began to show signs of aging, necessitating renovations to meet modern educational standards. In 2021, a renovation project was initiated to modernize the school and align it with current requirements.

To achieve this ambitious goal, community support through voting and securing a 2/3 approval was crucial. That’s where Tomo360 entered the picture. Hired to inform the community about the upcoming project, create informational sessions ads, and keep the community informed about the latest developments, Tomo360 played a pivotal role in ensuring that the community had all the information needed to make an informed decision.

About Tyngsborough Middle School

Tyngsborough Middle School, established in 1968, has been a cornerstone of education in its community for decades. With a rich history of adaptation to changing needs, it has evolved to provide quality education to students at various levels. The school’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to meeting modern educational standards have made it a respected institution in the Greater Tyngsborough area.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Tomo360 crafted a comprehensive strategy to rally community support:

  • Paid Ads: Strategic use of paid advertisements to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Content Creation: Creating compelling content that effectively conveyed the importance of the renovation project.
  • Social Media Management: Managing and curating social media channels to keep the community informed and engaged.
  • Event Promotion: Creating informative event pages to facilitate community participation and awareness.

Campaign Results

The campaign achieved remarkable results:

  • 50K+ Reach through Paid Ads: Our targeted paid advertisements effectively reached and engaged a wide audience.
  • 400+ Link Clicks to the Website: The community showed strong interest, with over 400 clicks to learn more about the project.
  • 2/3 Project Approval: The culmination of the campaign was the achievement of the critical 2/3 community approval, securing the green light for the renovation project.


In conclusion, the Tyngsborough Middle School Renovation Campaign, spearheaded by Tomo360, played an instrumental role in securing the necessary community support for this vital project. Through strategic marketing efforts, the community was informed, engaged, and empowered to make an informed decision. As a result, the renovation project is set to breathe new life into the school, ensuring that it continues to provide excellence in education for generations to come.

  • 50K+

    in Reach through Paid Ads

  • 400+

    in Link Clicks redirecting to Website

  • 2/3 majority

    achieved for Project Approval

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