Tyngsborough Middle School Building Project Social Ads Case Study

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The Tyngsborough Middle School was built in 1968. It served as a Jr. and Sr. High School and has been adapted to different needs across the years, serving as an elementary school and ultimately staying as a middle school. Despite having renovations and maintenance efforts done, over time, the building began to reach the end of its useful life. And in 2021 they started a renovation project model to adapt the school to the current needs. 

In order to accomplish this, it was necessary to have the support of the community through voting and approval of 2/3  for it to pass. The Tomo360 was hired to inform the community about upcoming events, create informational sessions, and maintain them informed on the latest news in order for them to make the best possible decision with all the information in their hands. The team accomplished this by creating marketing collateral, social media ads, and social media events pages among others.  We were very happy to have been part of this project as it had a positive effect and the school will be rebuilt.

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  • +2/3

    Approval of the project from the community

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