Uncorking Success: Sip, Savor, and Soar with Lucille Wine Shop

Uncorking Success: Sip, Savor, and Soar with Lucille Wine Shop

Lucille Wine Shop & Tasting Room, nestled in Lynn, Massachusetts, stands as a unique haven for wine enthusiasts. This female-family-owned business marries fine dining-caliber hospitality with sommelier-level knowledge, offering a delightful shopping and tasting experience. With a meticulously curated collection of fine wines, including organic and natural selections from across the globe, everyday gems, and fine & rare choices, Lucille Wine Shop is a haven for connoisseurs. Beyond wine, it boasts craft beers, artisan cheeses, and delectable snacks.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Lucille Wine Shop sought to enhance its online presence and reach. Tomo360 took up the challenge and embarked on a multifaceted SEO and social media campaign, resulting in significant improvements in web search engine rankings and brand awareness.

About Lucille Wine Shop & Tasting Room

Lucille Wine Shop & Tasting Room is not just a wine store; it’s an embodiment of exquisite taste and exceptional service. As the only local wine shop offering sommelier-level expertise and fine dining-style hospitality, it’s a testament to dedication, quality, and family values.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Our strategy encompassed several key elements:

  • Homepage Redesign: We overhauled the homepage, enhancing user experience and aesthetic appeal.
  • Updated Top Navigation Structure: Streamlined navigation to improve site usability.
  • Added New Pages: Created new content-rich pages to enhance SEO.
  • Backlink Building: Forged partnerships with local companies and explored PR opportunities to bolster online presence.
  • Social Media Ads: Strategically crafted and executed social media campaigns to broaden Lucille Wine Shop’s digital footprint.

Campaign Results

The results of our SEO and social media campaign were impressive:

  • 29.1% Increase in Total Keywords: Over a span of six months (January 2022 vs. July 2022), Lucille Wine Shop experienced a significant uptick in keyword rankings.
  • Keyword Ranking Success: Key phrases like “private wine tasting Boston” and “wine tasting events near me” catapulted from not ranking to #4 and #6, respectively.
  • Social Media Reach: The ad campaign achieved nearly 30,000 in reach, expanding brand awareness.
  • Web Traffic: A total of 895 link clicks directed visitors to the website, reflecting the campaign’s effectiveness.


The collaboration between Lucille Wine Shop & Tasting Room and Tomo360 underscores the power of strategic SEO and social media efforts in enhancing a brand’s digital presence. Through homepage redesign, updated navigation, new content, and effective backlink building, Lucille Wine Shop achieved a substantial increase in web search engine rankings. Moreover, the successful social media campaign generated significant brand awareness.

Impact and Results

  • 895

    Web Traffic Link Clicks through an Ad Campaign.

  • 30K

    Social Media Reach through an Ad Campaign.

  • 29.1%

    increase in total keywords Web Search Engine Ranking in 6 months.

How It Looked

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