From Hidden Gem to Household Name: The Washburn Agency’s Search Engine Triumph

From Hidden Gem to Household Name: The Washburn Agency’s Search Engine Triumph

In the heart of Greater Boston, The Washburn Agency stands as a leading Nanny and Domestic Placement Agency. Their unwavering commitment to excellence in providing nannies, housekeepers, and domestic services sets the gold standard for families and candidates alike.

However, in today’s digital age, exceptional service alone is insufficient. The Washburn Agency faced a unique challenge: to boost brand recognition and enhance search engine rankings to reach families in the Greater Boston Area seeking top-tier nannies and domestic services. Their mission: elevate their online presence to better serve their clients.

About The Washburn Agency

Founded in 2007, The Washburn Agency specializes in Nanny and Domestic Placement Services, extending their reach beyond Greater Boston.

Their dedicated experts carefully match qualified candidates with each household’s unique needs through an elite screening process, earning trust and peace of mind for families. As a premier household staffing agency, they uphold the highest standards, relentlessly pursuing the perfect fit for every family.

At The Washburn Agency, they embody trust, expertise, and assurance. Let them help you find the perfect candidate today because at The Washburn Agency, your home is in the best possible hands.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

To meet The Washburn Agency’s objectives of increasing brand awareness and improving search rankings within the specialized Greater Boston Area market, we executed a multi-pronged strategy:

  • SEO Enhancement: A comprehensive SEO strategy was deployed, encompassing in-depth keyword research, precise keyword mapping, optimization of title tags and meta descriptions, and strategic updates to internal linking structures.
  • Link-Building Strategy: We crafted a meticulous link-building plan that included the creation of valuable backlinks and a prospecting list to drive substantial improvements in their online presence and business growth.
  • Google My Business Optimization: The Washburn Agency’s Google My Business profile was meticulously fine-tuned to include more relevant keywords in the description and enhance positioning through the addition of impactful images.
  • Website Enhancements: Substantial improvements were made to their website, including the creation of two new pages, homepage optimization, and strategic styling enhancements to headers and subheaders.
  • Content Crafting: Guided by research and expert recommendations, our team crafted compelling copy and content, ensuring that The Washburn Agency appeared prominently in search rankings.

Campaign Results

The implementation of our strategies yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced Search Engine Rankings: The Washburn Agency achieved notable advancements in both Google and Bing search rankings, consistently securing a prominent position on the first page of search results.
  • Effective Keyword Implementation: Strategic integration of keywords significantly boosted their online visibility, resulting in a remarkable month-over-month increase of 30.8% in appearing on the first two pages of Google.
  • Increased Website Traffic: As a direct result of our SEO efforts, website traffic surged. This surge further solidified The Washburn Agency’s standing as a leading agency in the Greater Boston Area, particularly on Google Maps.


In conclusion, our collaboration with The Washburn Agency successfully addressed their primary objectives. The agency’s improved search rankings, prominent positioning on Google Maps, and targeted website content have all contributed to enhanced brand recognition and increased traffic.

As a result, The Washburn Agency now consistently appears on the first page of search results, connecting with the specialized audience of families seeking exceptional nannies and domestic services in the Greater Boston Area. The significant growth in keyword rankings and SEO traffic reflects the effectiveness of our strategies.

Tomo360’s comprehensive approach has elevated The Washburn Agency’s online presence, establishing them as a trusted choice for families in need of high-quality household staffing solutions.

  • 25% increase

    in keyword rankings on the first two pages of Google.


  • +40.5% increase

    in SEO traffic.

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