Winning the House Lottery: Megan House Foundation’s Fundraising

Winning the House Lottery: Megan House Foundation’s Fundraising

In 2017, The Megan House Foundation embarked on a challenging fundraising journey. They aimed to sell tickets for a chance to win a beautiful Colonial house in Dracut, MA, valued at $450,000. To achieve this ambitious goal, they sought Tomo360’s expertise in marketing and promotion. With the clock ticking, Megan House needed to reach their ticket sales target within a tight timeframe to avoid returning funds to ticket purchasers and to support their mission of providing residential treatment for young women. In addition, we have maintained continuous search engine optimization on their website to increase their ranking.

About The Megan House Foundation

The Megan House Foundation is a residential treatment center dedicated to empowering young women. It serves as the administrative and fundraising entity for Megan’s House and Erin’s House. The collective commitment is directed towards the organization’s success and aiding the treatment and recovery journey of young women facing substance use disorder. Their mission is to provide essential support and guidance, helping these women build brighter futures. In 2017, they took on the challenge of fundraising for their cause by organizing a house lottery, offering a chance to win a stunning house in Dracut, MA.

Impact and Results

Our Approach

Facing a critical deadline extension, Tomo360 proposed a strategic approach to boost ticket sales:

  • Audience Targeting: We identified affluent New England towns, selected relevant age groups, and higher income levels for precise targeting.
  • Interest-Focused: We tailored ads to appeal to those who enjoy gambling, parents supporting nonprofits, and parents with teenagers.
  • A/B Testing: We conducted A/B tests to determine the most effective ads and optimized our strategy accordingly.
  • Email Marketing: We integrated an aggressive email campaign to complement our Facebook ads.
  • Strategic Ad Placement: Thirteen ads were run over three months with a $1200 ad budget.

Our SEO services have also yielded positive outcomes for The Megan House Foundation. In November, the site continued its positive momentum, advancing from #7 to #6 for the targeted keyword “sober house Lowell, MA.” This marks the second consecutive month of improvement for this crucial term. Additionally, the keyword “women’s sober living Massachusetts” climbed 6 spots from October, securing the #8 position and appearing on the first page of search results.

Campaign Results

In the final stretch of our campaign, the results spoke volumes:

  • Ticket Sales Surge: Through a combination of targeted Facebook ads and an aggressive email campaign, we achieved a significant increase in ticket sales, raising over $200,000 in revenue.
  • Impressive Reach: Our ads reached an audience of 133,000 people, generating 214,000 impressions, and resulting in 16,300 link clicks and other ad engagements.
  • Cost-Effective Ads: With a cost per click of $0.27 and a cost per result of $2.42, our Facebook ad campaign proved to be highly cost-effective.
  • Successful House Lottery: The Megan House Foundation’s house lottery was a resounding success, meeting its ticket sales goal and raising awareness about the organization’s mission.
  • Overwhelming Community Support: The Facebook Live event to announce the winner attracted approximately 1,000 viewers, showcasing strong community engagement and support for Megan House’s cause.


The Megan House Foundation’s house lottery was a resounding success. Not only did it generate excitement among ticket holders, but it also raised awareness of the organization and its vital mission. Through strategic Facebook ads and targeted email marketing, The Megan House Foundation achieved its goal, ensuring that the required number of tickets were sold. In the end, a single mom with young children became the proud winner of the Colonial house, bringing the community together in support of a noble cause. 

Impact and Results

  • 133K

    Reach through Social Media Ads.

  • 16,300

    Link Clicks and other Ad Engagement.

  • 200

    Tickets Sold with a value worth $200,000 each.

Tomo360 has been an integral part of our promotional campaigns at the Megan House Foundation. They helped grow our social media presence to a level we could only imagine. Our profiles have comparable and even larger followings than many much larger and more established organizations like ours in the region. They also redesigned our website and built it into something we could be proud of. 

They are a pleasure to work with, very accessible, and flexible. They have a great team!

Lastly, on a more personal note, my family restaurant also uses its social media services on a much smaller scale as part of our marketing efforts, so I’m familiar with their work on multiple fronts. I STRONGLY recommend them to any individual or organization looking to launch a marketing campaign.

Teddy Panos

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