Email Marketing & Content Creation

Email Marketing, Website Content, Blogs & Press Releases

Email Marketing & Content Creation

Content Creation

At Tomo360, we create high-quality content that influences audiences in print, on your website, and in other online formats like social media and email marketing. Our expertise includes company messaging, competitive positioning, and even product descriptions. We have even done messaging for companies that are introducing new subsidiaries. Our wordsmiths are familiar with various industry best practices and will write in a voice that speaks directly to your customers.

Email Marketing

Tomo360 provides professional email marketing services to help businesses in Greater Boston and Massachusetts keep in touch with their audience and convert leads into customers. We are a Solutions Partner of Constant Contact. This means that we can provide you with affordable and highly effective email marketing campaigns to connect with your customers.

Let us help you get started with your very first email marketing campaign, or we can work with you on transitioning from your email platform onto the Constant Contact platform. Then we will collaborate with you on email content and strategies for engaging your audience segments.

Email Marketing Automation

The Constant Contact platform will take care of many aspects of email marketing automatically. This will drive more sales in less time. Email Marketing Automation keeps your audience engaged and builds strong customer relationships by:

  • Welcoming new customers with a customized email
  • Nurturing new leads with drip campaigns
  • Segment contacts to send the right message every time
  • Automatically resend emails to non-openers
  • Expand your reach with powerful list-building tools
Sign up for a 60-day free trial of email marketing with  Constant Contact.

If you need help in setting up the account and creating your first email, contact us at [email protected].

Content for Websites

Your business deserves a relevant website that will help you achieve your goals!

We create engaging copy for your website. Re-writing or originating new content for an entire website can be a big project. We are experienced in re-writing multiple pages, service descriptions, and enticing product descriptions. We can do this in tandem with the web development team so that your project runs smoothly.

The Tomo360 team is made up of wordsmiths and content curators. Our team is available to double-check your written work, provide input and suggestions, and recommend creative approaches and ideas. If you need new content, a re-write, or just light editing, we can discuss a specific level of content creation to suit your project and budget.


Blogs are a benchmark digital tool for increasing search engine ranking, generating leads and amplifying brand awareness. Our team can assist with writing informative blog articles to share on your website and promote your social media channels. Blogs can also be shared via email marketing. These blogs can consist of trending topics, business-related news, industry updates, or FAQs to engage current and prospective customers. Visit our blog!

Press Release Writing 

We can help with strategic messaging and drafting news announcements for your organization. We have experience with hi-tech, consumer, medical, and nonprofit public relations. We draft compelling news announcements that are ready to be distributed on the wire or shared directly with the media. Tomo360 can also advise you on which media to target and conduct outreach services.

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