Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Relevant and Modern Website Design 

Tomo360 is an award-winning web design company in Lowell MA. We work with greater Boston area businesses to build beautifully designed and functional websites while working closely with our clients to learn about their business goals, differentiators, and marketing strategy. This process ensures that their website content carefully reflects their needs as a brand, while also appealing to its customers and meeting their marketing goals.

Since 2012, over 150 companies have trusted Tomo360 to deliver thoughtful and effective websites and marketing campaigns. In 2017, our team received the prestigious Best Library Website award, given to us by the Massachusetts Library Association for redesigning the Wilmington Town Library website.  

We design our websites on WordPress, an easy-to-use and wildly popular content management system with attractive themes and designs, versatile plug-and-play programs to enhance the features of the website.

We combine search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics as well, to help monitor and boost traffic on your website. All of our websites are mobile-friendly so that they can be accessed on any mobile device.

Website Design & Development Process with Tomo360

When you work with Tomo360, you can expect a smooth process because we have built hundreds of websites. First, we have several conversations with you and your team to cover all bases and make sure that your new site will use best practices and will effectively communicate to your audiences. Then we create a wireframe and review it with you. As we create and build, there are key top-level meetings and deliverables that ensure a successful project for your organization. Here’s a basic overview of our process: 

  • We start with an in-depth onboarding call to discuss with our clients  their goals, parameters, milestones, deadlines, and client’s expectations
  • Together, we do content planning & wireframing sessions
  • We build a wireframe of the web architecture in PDF format and review with you
  • We design a mockup in PDF and also an online demo format to share with you
  • Expect to schedule weekly or bi-weekly site demos for the website home page design,  and page updates and project communications 
  • Information architecture & messaging sessions
  • Functional Meeting
  • Perform usability and functionality testing: test pages, videos, forms, and mobile implementation
  • Final design presentation
  • Final phase development & testing
  • Website launch to our client’s domain
  • Post-launch website review and video tutorial delivery

Additional status calls can also be scheduled throughout the project to address feedback and revisions. Given the moving parts, we utilize Basecamp as a project management solution to help guide and maintain clear communication between the entire team.

Our Website Deliverables Include the Following:

  • E-Commerce sites such as Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics and Google My Business
  • A video tutorial to help you self-edit your content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation or data migration
  • Major search engine registration
  • Web traffic monitoring
  • Optional secure website hosting and multi-tier maintenance plan

Does Your Website Need Lots of New Copy? Learn more about our Content Creation Services: 

Website Content:  Our expertise includes copywriting, from top-level company messaging, competitive positioning and even product descriptions. We create engaging copy for your website, for example, the home page, about us, services, and enticing descriptions of product features and services. Finally, we will develop strong call-to-actions on the appropriate pages and recommend the latest in chat, forms and automated processes that help with lead generation.

Editing & Copywriting: Our team is made up of wordsmiths and content curators. Our team is available to double-check your written work, provide input and suggestions, and recommend creative approaches and ideas.

Blog Writing: Blogs are great tactics to increase search engine ranking, leads, and brand awareness. Our team can assist with writing informative blog articles to share on your website and social media channels. These blogs can consist of trending topics, business-related news, industry updates, or FAQs to engage current and prospective customers.

Your business deserves a relevant website that will help you achieve your goals! Please call our web design company to discuss and request a website proposal today!

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