CEA: Website + Social Media

New Site Adds Landscapes + Lead Generation.

Key Features + Testimonial

CEA is currently working on redesigning several subsidiary websites with Tomo360. Return business is always appreciated!

“Tomo360 has been a real partner in helping build our website and providing continuing support for our blog and social media presence. Their team is very flexible and really did a nice job in designing our company’s primary website.” – Joseph Campisi, President and Owner

What We Did
  • Website redesign with a focus on natural landscapes
  • Highlighted phone, email, and social media accounts
  • Added Capture form to promote email marketing
  • Re-organized content
  • Improved search functions
  • Showcased client projects and core competencies

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented
across all responsive

The Client

Corporate Environmental Advisors (CEA) is a full-service environmental consulting firm. They are building a national presence. Tomo360 is happy to support the evolution of CEA’s digital marketing presence through website design and social media marketing.

Before And After



B2B Customers are Social.

CEA’s social media program targets B2B audiences around the country who need environmental consulting services. They connect with customers on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter several times a week with engaging posts about permitting, safety, hazardous materials, and their own news.

CEA aims to maintain a national presence with offices around the country. Social media allows CEA to tout their regional and local expertise and engage with customers in real-time. With 2.95 billion customers on social media, smart companies like CEA know how to reach customers where they are.

  • Maximize Your Marketing and Grow Your Business