New Website Design for Author's New Book

Judy Prescott Marshall Connects with her Readers .

Key Features

Judy’s new site allows her to host multiple book clubs, promote her events and appearances, and sell her books directly to readers via Amazon. Since she launched this site a second book is on the way, and she will be able to continue using this site to meaningfully connect with her readers.

What We Did
  • New design features natural seaside landscapes and readers with books
  • New logo design
  • Focus on bookselling and connecting Judy with her readers
  • New featured sections: Appearances, Book Club, e-newsletter sign-up and more
  • Highlighted social media links and purchase links to Amazon

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented
across all responsive

Judy Prescott Marshall, Author

Judy is a lifelong book lover and author. As part of her first book launch, she wanted to create an author website that would allow her to connect with her readers and her multiple book clubs. The theme of Judy’s website is “book lovers outdoors.” The photos selected represent the author’s penchant for sitting by the water to read or write. We also designed a simple yet elegant logo for Judy.

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