Kutrubes Travel Expands Horizons with New Website

Video Welcomes You Aboard a Travel Experience.

Key Features

In order to better connect with customers online, Tom360 added more interactive elements, such as a video on the homepage, and a search button for the tours. Customer information capture forms are available for interested customers to submit. The new Kutrubes website has strong visual branding that brings the site into alignment with the current expectations of a world-class travel group.

What We Did
  • Added mobile capabilities, stunning photography & video
  • Created detailed tour descriptions
  • Organized content by region and activity
  • Installed a form to capture new customer information
  • Custom map icons revealed a strong branded look

The Client

Kutrubes Travel Agency group provides acclaimed custom tours to the Balkans and beyond. They have been around for 100+ years and are featured in the New York Times travel section and recommended by international tourism boards. They pride themselves on creating dazzling tours in areas that aren’t overly affected by tourism. Their tours have themes like eco-tourism, culinary, or religious; and offer acitivities like kayaking, cycling, sailing, and hiking.

Before And After



Custom Map Icons were designed to echo new logo design.

Using Kutrubes new logo as inspiration for the website theme, we designed map icons that helped to reinforce the travel brand. The use of old world maps signals to readers that this company has a long history in the travel industry, and it looks great!

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