Custom Non-Profit Website for Valis Insights

Redesigned a static WIX site to a WordPress site featuring their software solutions

Key Features

We migrated the content and content management system from a static WIX platform to WordPress. We highlighted and amplified their software solutions with screenshots of their programs, features, and benefits.


What We Did
  • Redesigned the home page with the same branding elements as the logo
  • Embedded a video prominently on the home page
  • Added a new Careers page with employee benefits

Fully Responsive

Beautifully presented
across all responsive

This website works well across all devices. Visitors can easily view and utilize the website on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Valis Insights provides advanced software solutions for the metal recycling industry, focusing on optimizing scrap metal sorting, melt analysis, and quality sampling. Their products, such as VALI-Sort, VALI-Melt, and VALI-Sample, utilize data-driven insights and AI-powered tools to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and profitability of scrap processing and melting operations. Additionally, Valis Insights offers consulting and research services to help businesses maximize recycled content and improve material recovery processes.

To assist with Valis Insights’ mission, we migrated their existing website from a static WIX content management system to WordPress, which is more dynamic. We also added screenshots of their software and its benefits to highlight their software solutions.




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