Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Recent social distancing measures have increased the number of people who spend time on social media. New network users increased by 150 million during 2020.

People are online and the best way to get their attention, influence them and ultimately persuade them to do business with you, is to join the connected crowds online and strategize the best way to reach your best potential customers!

If you aren’t on social media, we can help you select the right platforms based on your customer profiles, industry, and your business goals.

You don’t have to do this alone! We are expert marketers and we have decades of social media experience on our team. We meet every week to discuss the latest trends and features of social media platforms, and how to make them work for our clients. Let us manage your social media for you. With Tomo360 on your team, you will see your accounts grow and your goals will become a reality! Just ask any of our customers!

Platform Setup

Tomo360 will make sure you’re utilizing the correct social media platforms for your industry. How do we do this? We begin by learning about your business, reviewing your current social media platforms and activity, and finally learning as much as we can about your customers. We will also analyze what your competitors are doing on social media. Finally, we will give your profiles a makeover, using fresh photography, high-quality graphics, and your logo.

Additional platform setup actions:

  • Create brand new profiles or merge profiles
  • Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, for easier cross-posting and future ad campaigns
  • Reclaim accounts that may have been lost, or re-assign admins and editors
  • Setup advertising accounts so you can get started with paid ads
  • Upload a video library

Content Creation

We will design a Content Strategy that will match what your customers are craving online. We create engaging social media posts by using relevant industry-related information, trending articles, SEO ranking keywords, seasonal trends, pictures, video, infographics, and even humor!

Once we decide upon an initial content strategy, we will continue to analyze how posts are performing. We will continue to try new content in order to achieve a content mix that keeps your audience happy, engaged, and growing.


Engaging with your potential new customers is the crucial next step. We monitor notifications and interact on your brand’s behalf to show customers you’re active, knowledgeable, and supportive. We can like and comment and respond to messages in your inbox depending on your social media package.


Tomo360 can help you set up, create, and manage paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords to reach a specific target audience or promote products. Organic reach to new customers is not guaranteed with social media alone, so an awareness campaign is always a good investment for new ventures or companies that are new to social media. In addition, any new products launches or services can also benefit from advertising using the powerful targeting available through Facebook Advertising Network and Google search.


Every month you will receive analytic reports that detail how posts and the overall content mix are performing for your brand. We provide insights and recommendations on how to improve performance in the future.

Social Media Plans

Whether you have 1 social media account or 7, Tomo360 has a Social Media Plan that fits your needs and budget. We can customize a plan for you!

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Monthly Analytic Report
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