Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

In case you haven’t noticed, the world revolves around social! We offer our clients a competitive solution on social media. 

Platform Setup

Tomo360 helps to make sure you’re utilizing the correct social media platforms for your industry, and are appropriately branded throughout. Our team brands your business consistently with compelling business descriptions, graphics and banners, and usernames, so you’re positively represented across your social media platform.

Content Creation

We create engaging social media posts for your platforms by using relevant industry related information, trending articles, SEO ranking keywords, pictures, and graphics, and even blog articles! We incorporate appropriate hashtags, tag influencers or related people/places in posts, and can even “check in” at locations and events to increase the exposure of your brand.


While creating content is the most crucial aspect part of maintaining a strong social media presence, engaging is the next step. Our team helps your business connect with target customers and influencers through a series of research methods. We monitor notifications and interact on your brand’s behalf to show customers you’re active, knowledgeable, and supportive.


Paying for social advertising has become a recent trend due to changes in Facebook Algorithms and the ability to target specific customers. Tomo360 can help you set up, create, and manage paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords to reach a specific target audience or promote products.


We monitor the results of your social media posts by providing monthly analytic reports for your social media platforms. These analytics are beneficial to help analyze the demographics of current followers, top-performing posts, and room for improvement for the following month.

Social Media Packages

We have created the following social media packages based on your business and budget needs.

Tomo360 SolutionsTomo90
Daily Support
Manage Social Accounts
(Upload content, update cover photos, ongoing engagement)
Monthly Blog
Monthly Call
Monthly Email Campaign
Monthly Social Media Analytic Report
Monthly strategy meeting
Number of Posts Per Account Per Week
Number of Social Media Accounts
Original Graphics
Social Media Competitions
(Pricing subject to vary)
Social Media Strategy
Website Support
(Pricing subject to vary)

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