Tomo360 Marketing Tune-Up Program

Tomo360 Marketing Tune-Up Program

Marketing should attract new customers and communicate that your business can solve its unique problems. It should also increase client loyalty and cultivate new relationships with partners. When a marketing plan is optimized, you spend less on needless tactics, your message hits the target, and the possibility of capturing additional revenue increases.

If you aren’t assured that your marketing plan is optimal, then a marketing assessment can be an excellent way to tune it up! By periodic reviews of current marketing efforts, you introduce more agility into your communications and re-align with current business goals and objectives.

  • For example, is your website delivering the best results?
  • Can visitors find it on the first search page of results?
  • Do your social media posts resonate with your target customers?

Some businesses devote time and budget to campaigns that don’t deliver sufficient return on investment. They may not have the bandwidth or expertise to optimize and monitor their marketing efforts. As an experienced third party, Tomo360 can execute an assessment of your current marketing efforts and provide insight and recommendations on how to engineer an unsurpassed marketing strategy.

We offer the following marketing tune-up plans. Each deliverable takes a few weeks to research, and we will deliver an in-depth report and present you with our finding or download our Marketing Tune-up Brochure.

PlansTune-Up 90
Tune-Up 180
Tune-Up 360
of Current Marketing
Search Engine
Social Media
Email Marketing
Analyze 1
marketing tool
Analyze any 2 marketing
tools listed
Analyze all the
marketing tools

If you wish to be more precise, Tomo360 can customize a Marketing Tune-Up to evaluate just the marketing tools that you select.

Spend your hard-earned marketing dollars wisely and increase your Return on Investment. Consider a Tomo360 Marketing Tune-Up. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

Download Marketing Tune-Up Flyer here.

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