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Get Personal, Get Results

In an oversaturated market, it’s more common that consumers become irritated by marketing efforts than grateful. What are businesses doing today to stick out from the crowds? Connecting to their audience. No, we don’t mean following them on Twitter or connecting on LinkedIn. What they’re doing is personalizing their company’s marketing to connect on a […]

Email Marketing Lunch and Learn

Are you a business owner looking to maximizing email marketing? Don’t know how and where to start? Based on a B2B marketing survey in 2016, companies choose email marketing as their number one marketing budget. At this free Lunch and Learn, we will show you how to get the most of the email marketing.  We will review our […]

5 Easy Steps to Increase Sales on Your eCommerce Website

In today’s modern world, it is absolutely necessary to have a user-friendly eCommerce platform on which to sell your products or services.  If visitors find your website difficult to navigate or your shopping cart hard to use, they might opt to use competing sites.  Here are five easy and intuitive steps to increase sales by […]

The Importance of Customer Profiling

Are you one of the many business owners who struggle to meet sales goals, question why they haven’t received any new customers, or claim their product is “for everyone”?  If so, your problems will not go away until you take a step back and redefine your target market, and more importantly, your target customer. Without […]

2016: The Year To Freshen Up Your Marketing Strategy

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing plan and re-adjust your advertising strategies. Many business owners and entrepreneurs start their business without taking the time to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, mainly due to lack of time or feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. We understand that a marketing […]

Is Your Product “Worth It” in Your Customer’s Eyes?

Whether you are selling a brand, product, or a service, the most important part of the sales cycle is the customer, and probably the ultimate goal for most business owners. What happens though, when your customers think or perceived your product as too expensive? You might think that lowering your prices, or increasing your marketing [...]

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