5 Things About Tomo360 You Should Know

5 Things About Tomo360 You Should Know

5 Things About Tomo360 You Should Know

Tomo360 is not your average digital marketing agency. We are a team of like-minded individuals who genuinely enjoy working together on new projects, strategies, and campaigns to make a positive impact for our clients. We recognize that there is more to a sustainable and profitable business than just social media and a new website, which is why we go the extra mile to provide new services, recommendations, and data to guide our clients to success.

Whether you are a current customer of ours, a friend of the team, a startup or small company in need of marketing, or just scrolling through our blog, we’re happy you’ve landed on this page. We’ve put together five things that everyone should know about Tomo360, because we are proud of how we shifted into the company we are today!

1) Female-Led

At Tomo360, we pride ourselves in being a female-led company with diverse digital marketing experience in industries such as biotechnology, manufacturing, high tech, and nonprofits. Founder Susu Wong holds an MBA from Lesley University, was certified by Northeastern University in Digital Marketing and in Website Design from Georgetown University. She has extensive business, marketing, consulting, and strategy experience that provides a well-rounded advantage for our clients.

Susu is one of the founders of Women Accelerators, a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts promoting the advancement of women and gender equity through educational programs, networking and mentoring.

2) 80+ Clients

Since we began in 2012, over 80 companies have trusted us to deliver thoughtful, effective, and revenue-generating marketing programs. We utilize our team’s experience working in a variety of industries to customize marketing campaigns that are unique to each business. We offer a variation of services to help benefit each specific business, including marketing strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, web and graphic design, copywriting and SEO.

3) MBE, WBE, and LGBT Certified

Tomo360 is a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), and LGBT Certified Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) by the State of Massachusetts! These certifications have advanced our networking opportunities and offer extensive amounts of education, training, and resources for our business. There are various benefits of working with WBE/LGBT business enterprises for companies, including tax incentives, diversifying suppliers, promoting innovation and creativity, and much more.

4) Customer Focused

Our #1 focus is our customers! Our team is obsessed with helping our clients become successful and will do what it takes to bring their brands to the correct audience through social, content, web, and email.  From creating social media campaigns and designing websites, to marketing coaching and email marketing, the Tomo360 team is here to help your business reach its goals.

5) Success = Diversity + Inclusion

The Women Accelerators Team

We view diversity and inclusion to be the key to success.  We promote creativity, love new ideas, encourage team discussions and live for team feedback. We assist each other with projects and aren’t afraid to speak up if something isn’t working. Communication is one of our strengths, and we’re proud of it!

We flourish in the culture of giving and volunteering by building our community, and we’re passionate about nonprofit clients and philanthropic events.

With Tomo360, you will have a marketing team that understands your product/service and can properly communicate this to your target markets. You’ll find us highly engaged, personable, passionate about what we do, and we’ll go to the trenches with you. For a consult or more information, please contact us at info@tomo360.com

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