The Importance of Customer Profiling

The Importance of Customer Profiling

The Importance of Customer Profiling

Customer ProfilingAre you one of the many business owners who struggle to meet sales goals, question why they haven’t received any new customers, or claim their product is “for everyone”?  If so, your problems will not go away until you take a step back and redefine your target market, and more importantly, your target customer.

Without a proper analysis of the current market, fully understanding their products/services and creating a very specific description of the ideal client, most business owners will never actually see their real target customers, never mind sell to them.

You can avoid wasting money on marketing to the wrong people and start attracting happy and loyal customers by creating a set of customer profiles.

What is Customer Profiling?

Customer profiling is primarily gathering all the information you can about people you WANT to sell products/services to, and grouping these potential customers together by categories. It is more than your general “target market” because you take the time to understand your customers.

5 Ways to Group Your Customers 

Demographics: Common demographics to consider are age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, education, marital status, etc.

Geographics: Where are your customers? You can find your ideal customer by country, region, state, city, and even within a mile radius on some platforms. If you’re looking for customers close to your physical store, grouping by geographics may be something to consider.

Life Stages: Dig deeper into your demographics category and group ideal customers by which stage of life they are in. (For example, single adults shop differently than adults who have recently had a child or adults with grown-up kids.)

Psychographics: Group together customers with shared interests, lifestyle choices, attitudes and similar mindsets. (TomoTip: Utilize social media to discover these customers or send a survey out via email to current customers to gather information).

Behaviors: Understanding how and why present and future customers act is important.  For example, some questions to consider in regards to certain actions are: Why? When? How Often? Who/What Influences Behavior?

Why customer profiling is crucial

As mentioned above, knowing exactly what type of customers you want to sell your products to makes marketing a whole lot easier. With a completed customer profile – from their hometown, educational level, and lifestyle, down to the reasons when, where and why they’re buying individual products picked out – you can now recraft your marketing messages to reach who you want!

Since the messages will be designed to target your customers – marketing ads, graphics and messages will begin to jump literally out at the loyal customers, drawing them to your product!

Take advantage of this free downloadable customer profile template

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