Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

CEA: Website + Social Media

CEA needed a new website that would communicate its multi-faceted services in various practice areas. They also wanted to feature all of the expertise that was now available through their new subsidiaries all around the country.

CEA acquired 5 new subsidiaries. Each one wanted to continue using their distinct brands, as they all had stellar reputations. However, CEA still wanted acohesive branded look and feel for their website.

They also wanted one single blog, that would share news and updates from all offices. Finally, they wanted to boost the interactive features on the site and include mobile responsiveness, making the customer experience seamless across any device. Read more…

MGH-CTNI: Website + Social Media

The MGH CTNI website was a legacy site that needed a dramatic redesign and a strong communications strategy that would help to better showcase the excellent results they were achieving in the research field. The research team wanted to highlight their expertise in their clinical trial protocols.  Read more…

Prendio: Website + Social Media

Prendio needed to generate brand awareness, improve its search rankings, and start using lead generation tools. They also needed to target a specialized audience of startup executives and investors in the biotech and pharma industries.  Read more…

Megan's House: Website + Social Media

At the end of the six months, they had not sold enough tickets to meet the lottery regulations. The lottery officials would have required them to return all the money to the ticket purchases, which would be a total loss and a time-consuming task. 


The Megan House Foundation decided to extend the deadline for another three months and attempt to sell at least 200 tickets. Tomo360 suggested doing weekly Facebook ads for three months combined with a new social media campaign strategy focusing on the House Raffle.

Read more…

St. Ann's Home: Website

The St. Ann’s website was a legacy site that needed a dramatic redesign and a complete overhaul that would help to better showcase their different programs and services, answer questions about admissions, and collect online donations. Read More…

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