5 Ways to Create Impactful TikTok Ads

By following these simple tips you will start creating impactful ads for your audience.

5 Ways to Create Impactful TikTok Ads

TikTok is becoming the social network where you get the most engagement while also reaping a great return on your investment from your ads. But, of course, competition is always present, and the big question arises, how can I create impactful content that differentiates me from others? Furthermore, when you are investing money in your ads, you don’t want just to be wasting your efforts and time.

Here are five simple and easy ways how to create impactful ads on TikTok: 

The first step is to set up an ad on Tiktok, and you will need to use TikTok Ads Manager. If you have run ads on other platforms, TikTok Ads Manager is pretty similar, but in case you haven’t, we will tell you how to set it up and run your first ad. 

1. How to set up a TikTok Ads Manager?

Create an account with a login and password on TikTok Ads Manager. To start a campaign, click on create. Choose your objective, with either simplified or custom mode (which gives you a complete control experience), and you may choose from Awareness/Reach, Consideration like Traffic and Lead Generation, and Conversions.

Then select your audience. You could choose from interests, demographics, location, gender, language, etc. Define the budget of your ad. You could select a daily budget or lifetime budget, depending on what you are looking to spend. And finally, choose your ad creative. You could select several images or a video. 

With this, you would be on your way to creating a successful campaign with a significant impact. But no, you wonder, how to create a pleasing visual? We go into step two by taking a look at TikTok Creativer Center.


2. What is TikTok Creative Center?

TikTok Creative Center is a place where you can discover what trends are popular at the moment on TikTok. You can see the top ads dashboard and the more popular songs on the audio library. Even check out the hashtags and TikToks that are popular in your region. If you are considering a partnership you will see the top creators in this section as well. It is a great way to see what is working and what could work for your brand, and make comparisons to brands that are similar to yours and their best practices. 

You will also find creative tools here like TikTok Video Editor, video templates, smart video soundtrack, and text, which will ease the translation and selection of music, and even quick optimization from content you have previously created for other platforms. 

After figuring out what is popular at the moment, we need to make sure to know what to do and what to avoid. That’s the third step.

3. The do’s and don’ts when creating your ad

A higher budget doesn’t necessarily mean a higher ROI, but a big budget does allow you to test out different ads and audiences to learn what works for your brand and what doesn’t. 

Another thing to avoid is don’t overly-narrow your audience. The algorithm does a great job at capturing the audience that might convert for you. But if you segment it a lot, it gives it a minimal audience size to work with.

Do select the goal that is more aligned with your brand, and it’s as simple and straight as that. TikTok gives you enough options to choose an objective, and that is what the platform will get you: you select visits to your site or landing page, clicks for brand awareness, or conversions.

Set aside a budget to generate at least 50 conversions, which is the number TikTok usually needs to pass the learning phase. You want to aim for at least 25 conversions per week, which means running your ad for at least two weeks. These benchmarks will offer you the full benefit of TikTok’s auction ads system, which can predict future conversions.

Do adjust your objective up the sales funnel if your ad is having difficulty leaving the learning phase or seeing the expected results. Sometimes your ad objective might not align well with the selected audience.

Avoid making daily changes to your campaign, as it might be fluctuating your results without having data that is backing that up. 

And what is the best strategy to do this? What elements do I need to follow? TikTok Creative Sandbox is the answer with step 4.

4. Let’s go to the Tiktok Creative Sandbox

What does this mean? It is pretty much the place where people go and have fun on TikTok. What recommendations do you need to follow to be a part of this? Go big with full-screen, and stick to a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Tell a short story. Try sticking between 21-24 seconds and never going below 10 seconds. Shoot hi-res, ensure video resolution of 720P+ and lastly but not least, make some noise, including audio of any kind. The more relevant, the better.

5. TikTok Creators Marketplace 

And the last tip for a successful campaign is to look for creators to partner with your brand and find someone who might showcase and aligns well with what you are selling. It is often good to get the voice out there and create additional engagement from other sources. And finding someone who is looking to work with your brand and has an already ongoing audience is a good option. And lucky you, TikTok has a place where you can partner with creators easily. On TikTok Creators Marketplace, search for creators, and invite them to collaborate and view insights. You can manage all the campaigns where you have partnerships and see the reporting on them. 

By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to create campaigns that will have an impact on your objectives and goals. You will get your brand out there, and more people will start engaging and interacting with your brand. 

We hope you get started creating the best TikToks Ads today for your brand, but if you need additional help with your social media, you can always Contact Us at Tomo360 for a consultation! 

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