Is Artificial Intelligence Just a Marketing Buzzword?

Is Artificial Intelligence Just a Marketing Buzzword

Is Artificial Intelligence Just a Marketing Buzzword?

Is Artificial Intelligence Just a Marketing BuzzwordThe customer-facing benefits of artificial intelligence are well known, but there are also many lesser-known benefits marketing teams.

59% of marketing leaders expect AI to have a substantial or transformational impact on their business in the following areas over the next five years: productivity of marketers, campaign analytics, digital asset management, and business insights across data and systems.

There are several measurable benefits that AI bring to marketing. We have summarized the main benefits in this blog below.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

Before AI, marketers had dedicated employees to track and analyze data, implement personalized digital marketing campaigns, and optimize customers’ online experience. Now, AI saves marketers hours of time by organizing data and lists in minutes.

AI can save marketers time and increase their productivity by reducing time spent on segmenting customer and prospects databases for messaging. AI has the ability to monitor your potential customers’ purchasing trends, which allows marketers to personalize the buying experience down to the individual level. AI-driven segmenting and lead scoring empowers marketing to channel their time more efficiently by helping them quickly identify which leads will take more time than they are worth.

Personalize Messages for All of Your Audiences

Just what the marketer ordered! All kinds of businesses are already using artificial intelligence to make their websites, emails, social media posts, video and other content better tailored to what customers want right now.

AI can provide smart social insights based on customer behavior that allows marketers to connect and evolve messages across channels and provide automated, personalized customer journeys. AI features that support this including push notifications, email automation and segmentation, image recognition software, and more.

Analyze Data without the Hassle

Marketing programs can always be optimized. Often times, though, marketers are so busy implementing campaigns, that they don’t have the time needed to effectively analyze data across several campaigns in order to adjust accordingly to enhance performance.

AI products now exist that analyze, manage, and optimize paid ad campaigns. AI also has the capacity to enhance visitor experience on websites. It analyzes your Google Analytics data and sends insightful reports on performance and data changes, such as notifying marketers when data flows stop or unexpected traffic has visited the site.

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Support the Marketer

Now, more than ever, customers expect meaningful and personalized experiences. In today’s digital world of social media, PPC advertising, online ads, email marketing, and much more, it takes a specialized marketing team to implement an effective marketing program. Artificial intelligence enables marketing teams of various sizes to tailor messages in order to compete in today’sever-changingg digital world.
Hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital are invested in artificial intelligence startups every year. Investors believe that AI is the wave of the future and it’s time for marketers to get on board. If you don’t, your competition will pass you by.

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