Client Highlight: CathWear

Former Veterans Launch Business to Improve Quality of Life For Patients Wearing Leg Bags
Client Highlight: CathWear

Client Highlight: CathWear

We are excited to highlight one of our new clients this week! We helpedĀ Cathwear, a company revolutionizing how to manage the Velcro straps associated with leg bags, launch their new website in May of 2017.

While attending nursing school at UMass Lowell, Brian Mohika and Hector Arce, founded CathWear to improve the quality of life for individuals who have undergone medical treatment by restoring dignity and privacy during treatment and recovery.

Client Highlight: CathWear

CathWear founder and CEO, Brian Mohika

When working as a specialist in Interventional Radiology, CathWear founder and CEO, Brian Mohika, heard consistent complaints from patients who had drains placed inside of their organs. These patients would complain about irritated skin from leg straps, inadvertently dislodging tubes while trying to undress or go to the restroom, and other issues that often lead to a trip back to the hospital for another placement procedure.

In addition to the myriad of medical complications associated with standard leg straps, patients complained of the daily stress associated with choosing clothes that would properly conceal their leg bags. Something as simple as wearing summer clothes such as shorts, or dresses is simply not an option for many patients. The bag also sliding up and down the leg while walking posed for embarrassing moments for these patients, which significantly decrease their overall quality of life.

Brian realized that the standard method of managing leg bags was failing to address any of the complaints patients had been voicing to him for years. He decided to start working with Hector to develop a utility patent that would address these common complaints and eventually created the award-winning CathWear Underwear.
CathWear has the potential to help 30 million patients a year domestically. To learn more about CathWear, visit their website, or contact the founder, Brian Mohika, at

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