Facebook’s New Algorithm – What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Strategy?

Facebook’s New Algorithm - What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Strategy?

Facebook’s New Algorithm – What Does It Mean For Your Marketing Strategy?

In case you haven’t noticed, in the past month, Facebook has changed their layout and strategy again. You may have realized the change in layout, an increase in pictures, or recurring posts from friends in your newsfeed, but if not, you’ll notice now.

Facebook, being the lovely company that they are, implemented a new algorithm on June 30th to focus on their core values, being that “friends and family come first.” You can read in their press release discussing the update that their major goal is make sure your newsfeed is relevant to you.  Facebook believes that the newsfeed is the spot where you should see information that is entertaining and informative – rather than unnecessary ads, pictures and postings from irrelevant people or companies.


So, What Does This Mean?

The new algorithm essentially is focused on pushing updates from the people you interact with most often to the top of your newsfeed. You may see your best friend’s post a few times before seeing a post from an old highschool friend or a business. The new algorithm also favors videos, pictures and shared content – so if you’re posting a quote or a sentence without an attachment, there’s a good chance you’ll be pushed to the bottom.


What About My Business Page?

Many business owners utilize Facebook to promote their business, reach new customers and share updates about their brand. Because of this new algorithm, your business page will most likely notice a decline in total reach, views, and likes – unless you’re really reaching “friends and family.”  It’s important to rethink your posting strategy now more than ever, so you can be seen by your followers and hopefully reach new ones.


What can you do with Facebook’s new algorithm?

Consider implementing the following tips into your Facebook marketing strategy so you can get ahead and stay successful on Facebook:

  • Share authentic entertaining & engaging content (Pictures, Videos, Trending Topics)
  • Encourage family, friends and employees to share business Facebook posts to their personal pages – (if it’s shareable content, it’ll be pushed to the top of the newsfeed.)
  • Avoid posting “text only” updates
  • Mix in paid advertising
  • Don’t stop posting


Although this new algorithm does impact brands and small businesses, it’s not a reason to decrease your social media efforts. This small bump in the road gives you a chance to take a look at your overall marketing strategy and improve on it.


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* Image Source – TechCrunch

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