Help with iOS Changes that Impact Facebook Ads

iOS 14 update

Help with iOS Changes that Impact Facebook Ads


Have you received a notice from Facebook about changes to iOS and how they may impact your ads? Have you been asked to verify your domain or update your events? Do you have questions about this and how it all works? Here is a quick explanation of and how they may impact your next Facebook Ad campaign. Facebook App, Iphone, Facebook LogIn, Facebook Social Media

Why is this happening?

Apple recently decided that their new iOS platform update, the iOS 14, would include more privacy options for their users. This new feature allows users to opt-out of ad tracking for advertising purposes. This change directly impacts how Facebook collects data from iOS users. 

This will impact your Facebook ad campaign if your campaign relies on the user collected data and if you track events that occur on your website as a result of your ad. Specifically conversions.

Can I even run ads now?

Yes, you can. We are currently running ads for several clients despite the changes. Keep in mind: 

If your campaigns typically have used event-based tracking, you can always change and run a different kind of campaign. Consider tracking landing page views instead. You can set events to track when customers arrive at a Purchase Confirmation page or a Thank You page. 

You can also continue to track website activity and sales from Google Analytics.

I Received Alerts from Facebook in the new Resource Tab! What should I do?

Facebook may ask you  to verify your domain. Some accounts have been asked to reconfigure their Events. The best way forward is to work with your web developer to get your domain verified. There is also a way to do this through Google Tags Manager; however, Facebook does not recommend it. Facebook Icon, Facebook Like, Facebook Logo, Facebook Social Media

Here are many Facebook resources that can help you and your developer get your domains verified again!

Also, if you need to reconfigure Events, you will have to select 8 Events (or less) per Pixel. If your organization has multiple websites, each will need its own Pixel. 

Do you still have questions? We understand! Each client has a unique Ad Account and Facebook can be a beast sometimes. Schedule a free consultation with Tomo360! We can also help you with social media ads, strategy, and more!

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